Gov. Purdue Vetoes Bill That Would Save NC $540 Million

By | February 26, 2011

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2 thoughts on “Gov. Purdue Vetoes Bill That Would Save NC $540 Million

  1. John R.

    Gov.Christie of NJ has done a good job dealing with Democrats who control both houses.

  2. Daniel

    Democratic Governor Purdue is still using her ex-husband name even though she is remarried. Must be a political move there. Also, big money crony-capitalists need to be paid back for getting her elected as we see here:

    On October 22, 2010, Perdue revealed that her 2008 campaign is under State and Federal investigation. Authorities are looking into 41 confirmed private flights she took going back to 2005. Her campaign did not report the flights until last year. The State Board of Elections in August fined Perdue’s campaign $30,000 for the flights aboard campaign donors’ planes but concluded that the Perdue Committee did not intentionally violate the law. Perdue and representatives of her campaign have maintained that there was never any intent to conceal the flights, some of which might have violated state limits on contributions to candidates. Rather, they have said, the campaign had “a flawed system for recording flights,” and the trips weren’t discovered until an audit of campaign records was conducted last year.

    Nothing to see here folks move on, after all she is a Democrat and they are above the law today.

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