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Wisconsin Protests Go Nationwide: The Radical Agenda

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  1. Respectfully, it appears that the current conservative movement has gone beyond a rational point. It has entered an irrational radicalism, driven by the mirage of an enemy and not an actual enemy. Here is the evidence:
    1) The political scene, and the standing laws of the USA, have not changed significantly since Obama has been elected.
    2) He has not pushed for any new, radical legislation. His push has been on laws that are standard political fodder for the left and right throughout the 20th century.
    3) The Health Care Reform is not a concept created by Obama. It was also a serious political issue in 1993, and it has roots all the way back to the 1940’s and Harry Truman.
    4) Radicalism is usually tied to very aggressive behavior. This pattern of behavior is really more in line with the current radical conservatives than the radical liberals. Anybody that dares associate themselves with the Democrats or Obama are referred to as communists, socialists and leftists, when we all know that this is a radical overgeneralization of their views. The pictures of Obama as the evil Joker are ubiqutious. This again is an example of radical behavior.
    5) There is an emphasis among the radical conservatives to vilify their opponents rather than oppose their points of view. This vilification is normal among the fringe elements in both parties, but it has exploded among the conservatives. It has swept over more than 50% of conservative, based on my unscientific, but carefully considered, observation.

    One thing to be careful of is that there will be a push back, and it will be just as irrational. Amazingly enough, the rules of physics also apply to psychology. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. One could argue that the radical conservatism that I’m speaking of was created by the “socialists” and “Obama”, but that doesn’t have factual support. In terms of the laws on the books, there is a fair balance between the conservatives and the liberals. Obama has not created any situation that would result in the communist state that the radical conservative propaganda has alleged.

    The creators of this radical conservatism seem to be, primarily, conservative political celebrities. The most abrasive appears to be Anne Coulter. She is particularly vicious. Following her would be Rush Limbaugh. And behind him Glenn Beck.

    If this sounds wrong to you, please consider this: Who has hurled the most insults and vicious attacks? While pondering this, remember, overly broad, negative generalizations are also insults. Calling every Democrat a communist, socialist, or leftist, is just a blatent overgeneralization, and is intended to insult them.

    FYI, I’m a moderate. I love capitalism, and plan on making plenty of money. I hate taxes, but I understand that the government has to be funded somehow. Personally, I think the tax rate is too high by about 50%.

    • Robert,
      I am an Independant, just like the writer of this article here, so the GOP , Limbaugh and Beck bashing doesn’t hold any water for me in checking your credibility( or lack thereof ). While the laws have not changed , the fact that they are being ignored by the current administration is troubling bigtime! Laws don’t mean a thing when they are ignored. Such things as Salazar, Holder and Obama ignoring the Judges rulings that the ban on drilling in the Gulf is illegal. Obama and Co. still imposed it. Obama signed an exec order against lobbyists in government, then immediately wrote up waivers for over half his cabinet and assorted positions so he could hire those same lobbyists, so his exec order was one BIG LIE, and it seems like you do not approve of anyone shining sunlight on those same lies, as you bash people for exposing them. That is hypocritical to the tenth degree.

      The H/C law is the most radical piece of AMERICAN leglislation to ever hit DC. It is Socialism at it’s core, therefor putting it into the Anti-American category, especially when over 70% said they did not want it. It is radical based on the simple fact that the majority of citizens who actually understand what the hell Socialism is,did not/ and do not want it, period.

      I also love your use of the word “Radical.” FYI, America has been symbol of freedom and the most prosperous nation on earth for over 200 years. What is radical is to try to destroy the basis for that success, under the guise of Democracy. Radicals are people like you who deny the true facts to try to push a point. Fact: Due to democratic rule of Congress from 2007-2011 we are now approaching 15 trillion dollars in debt. It took American until 2006 to get to almost 8 trillion in debt. What is that, 230 years? Then in 4 short years of Democrats spending and Obama’s 2 years of wealth redistribution via stealth Socialism, we piled on almost 6 trillion in debt in 5 short years.

      You say you like money, yet the country is 15 trillion in debt, which you nod your head in approval of, while bashing anyone who calls for serious cuts in government spending “radical” When the government is left unchecked they end up taking 75% of EVERYONE’s paycheck to cover their corrupt assinine spending. That is Socialism in a nutshell, and I don’t call it radical for denouncing it one bit. What is radical is turning a blind eye to the destruction of America, while pretending to be some kind of POL-SCI expert on the American economy and the rule of law. Of course even though the U.S. constitution says it is unlawful to mandate anyone buy any product, especially from the government, you try to call it some kind of rational, legal law. That is pathetic.

      Sorry but the concept of the Liberals Socialism in America is extremely radical, in a common sense world. And it is simply not going to happen! Keep on pushing for a fight and you will get one Liberal-Socialists. Its just that you are not going to like the outcome, just like your denial of the reality of the beatdown of your Messiah Obamas Fake Democratic Party in 2010, there is more to come in 2012!

  2. Why is it OK for the Koch brothers to be involved in Wisconsin politics, but not George Soros?

    • As far as I’m concerned anyone can be part of the discussion that our Wisconsin politics have begun. My bottom line; All monies paid to Public Employees come from Taxes. Tax payers should only pay at a level that is essential to maintain Public employees. Unionization and “Collective” bargining on benefits has been a method to launder coerced money (Dues) from public employees to support only Democrat causes.

  3. Imagine this: wi14fan’s IP is from….. Maryland, quite a ways from home there arent ya? hahahaah Paid clowns from Liberal propaganda sites and their supporters will have a very hard time trying to muck up this site.

  4. Furthermore, don’t EVER try to tell me about Wisconsin, I was raised up there! This bunch of Socialists and Communists hanging out with UNION thieves does NOT represent the people I know from up there.

    Banging drums and chanting like ignorant 3rd graders in the statehouse, keeping them from doing the business they were elected to do! PATHETIC bunch of begging misfits trying to bully their way to more gravy-train meals on the backs of the real taxpayers! Just working people? You mean like the school kids being dragged there by teachers? Get real.Like the main thug Trumka? What place of work in Wisconsin is he from? A cheese factory? Oh thats right he isnt even from Wisconsin! You will never sell that disguised garbage in here as this being a grassroots movement. Way too many out of staters and paid Union operatives up there to believe that lie. Wake up.

    • 2/3 of these socialists support the Democrats. Walker would not win an election today. The right wing agenda is now laid out for the entire country to see. Thanks to Walker, the entire Democratic base has been re-energized!

      • Thanks for the laugh. I suppose the left is really energized just like the SF nanny Queen in 2010 when she said the day of the elections” Our polls show us doing well and keeping the House.”

        Wisconsin has been a Liberal gutter since 35 years ago when I lived there, yet the people woke up and elected a real governor for some real change.

        You can muster and bluster all the fake Socialist support you want,the fact is we still outnumber the leftist sheep and race based, nanny state voters combined.

  5. Our President in bed with the Communist Partyt USA and the Unions and you have the audacity to want to talk about peaceful protsts? Grow the hell up.

    FYI, 10 seconds of searching the internet shows videos of a woman and 2 other people being roughed up by UNION goons in Wisconsin! One of them is even posted in here! Wake up, get off of the liberal propaganda sites and educate yourself! And next time try actually reading the damn article before you come in here stinking up the place with that ignorant statement which carries ZERO relevance to the big picture explained here.

    • Show me one organization supported by the Koch brothers sleeing in thetatehouse in Wisconsin today? Fact is they aren’t involved.

      Soros funded Media Matters has headlines
      all over their homepage begging for dollars to fight Walker, fight this or that. Pathetic, Soros gave media matters a ton of cash.


  6. You should come to Madison and see how peaceful these protests are. No paid union thugs, just working people who are fed up with the rich buying politicians to create corporate welfare while the little guy takes the hit. Enough already. Stand up America.