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Florida Politics: A Storm is Brewing

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  1. I hope Governor Scott will do as Governor Walker in Wisconsin has and stand firm against the democrats. I don’t know what it takes to get them to see that the country is broke. There are too many “favors” being given among all these sleazy people with no regards to taxpayers.

    • Hi Carol, thanks for responding here.

      I find it very hypocritical on how we are told to sit down and shut up about everything Obama is doing to destroy our America because as he said “I won the election.” Well FYI to the Democrats and OBAMA, Rick Scott and Governor Walker WON THE ELECTIONS!

      ALL you FEDS and UNION bastards from other states need to get the hell out of Wisconsin and Florida and mind your own damn business! I have had it with this double standard these frigging Liberals are trying to impose on the rest of the country. I say shut down the federal government on the deadline coming up. Get tough with these nutjobs. Slap malfeasance of office and dereliction of sworn duty charges on these punk-sore-loser Democrats in Wisc and recall them immediately.

      Constant ignoring the rule of law has got to be stopped today. This pattern all starts with the asshat at the top, Barack Hussein Obama and his not obeying Federal Judges in regards to his illegal oil drilling bans, the Black Panther thugs at the polls, the illegal Communist Healthcare scam they passed illegally, on and on with this very anti-American agenda of the Liberal propagandists hiding behind the words Democracy and Justice. Liberal’s make up less than 20% of the population, and its high time the rest of this country gets off it’s ass and puts them in their place once and for all!

  2. TBO and the Tampa Tribune newspaper are so far to the left they have all but disappeared! I wouldn’t line the bottom of my bird cage with the Tampa tribune, for fear that my parakeets would start demanding food stamps and a welfare check the first of the month!