Democracy Hypocrisy in Madison

By | February 27, 2011

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4 thoughts on “Democracy Hypocrisy in Madison

  1. Mirac

    What part of democracy and the rule of law do you disagree with here kash? The part where elected reps are supposed to actually show up for work in the Senate ? Or the fact that Governor Walker is mandated by the Wisconsin Constitution to pass a balanced budget?

    This isnt a damn thing to do with dissenting with government , as the duly elected Walker is doing what he was elected to do here. Remember the Obama saying? Elections have consequences. The people of Wisconsin cast the votes against liberal crony spending and irresponsible debt mongering through buying elections with Union dues. All the cutsey Che talk in the world wont change that fact.

    Bring some facts instead of just weak trash talk and idiotic rhetoric . You may fit right in with the kooks and ignorant sheep at Media Matters or other Liberal rag sites, but here? You just get shown to be a raving moron with no basis in reality, as far as this article is concerned.
    Damn right I say snatch them up, charge them with violations of the oath they took when they took the job, and then fire their pathetic asses, since they are ignoring the very oath they after begging for the job in the prior elections.

  2. kash

    yeah arrest those jerks! Don’t they realize we live in a facist state and dissenting with the government isn’t allowed?

    Shame on them for having an opposing viewpoint. Arrest them and send them off to Gitmo for reeducation.

    All Hail Walker!

  3. Carolyn Dunston

    What a bunch of pansy babies. They should be ashamed to act like that. Wish they would have arrested them.

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