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Countering Obama’s Philosophy

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One comment

  1. Daniel (twitter: @Mirac777)

    Excellent expose’ here of what drives Obama and the basis for his craving to be worshipped as a God. Without that blind faith in his vaunted Socialism, (which is nothing more than a cloak for Communism)with him as the head Dictator, he is shown to be nothing more than a cheap con artist selling an illusion of a utopian society that doesn’t exist.
    Your whole article exposes the basis for what is now known as “nudging” the ignorant masses towards accepting his empty promises of the non-existent utopian Socialism. he is trying to change people’s perceptions of what is right and what is wrong.

    Thank goodness for people like yourself (and CDN), that will never buy what Obama is selling at the expense of America’s future, and are working to educate others to his phony philosophy. Well done.