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Conference Board Indicator Ticks Up Fourth Consecutive Month

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One comment

  1. The slight uptick in the ETI sounds very encouraging. I would like to see it trickle down to real job offerings from the 4 internet sites I have my resume on and the hundreds of companies I applied at. Lots of folks are underemployed, with many companies hiring the cheapest employees possible. Those wiith decades of experience vital to long term company success are still being left out of the workforce.
    IMHO, if you hire 8 inexperienced/unqualified people (like our govt is doing), to do the job one person did 10 years ago,production and quality suffer. Then, overall prosperity goes down across the board.
    As a footnote, I bet if I can find the U.S. durable goods production numbers of 2010 we will see exactly where we are headed this decade. Trade imbalances , especially with China, need to be addressed ASAP. Likewise with South and Central America.