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Who is the Muslim Brotherhood?

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  1. Prior to Muhammad’s entery into Mecca to take the city with his band of warriors and envoy was sent out to meet him. He was given a choice to accept Islam or die. In a Muslim society built on Sharia law anyone not abiding by it is considered a second class citizen with little respect from the community of infidels.

    When Jesus entered Jerusalem the people wanted to make Him king. He told his followers that before He could become king he had to suffer, die and be resurrected so they might have spiritual life. In his kingdom there are no second class citizens.

    There is no question in my mind about whose teaching is true. One advocates religous utopia using any means possible including deception to achieve complete domination. The other advocates tranformation as something that must come from within and validates individuality to the point of accepting to agree to disagree.

  2. It appears that our “Director of National Intelligence,” has either started to believe the Obama administration’s propaganda to the point where he is repeating it verbatim, or he is too ignorant to be taken seriously. Which one of those is more likely ?
    Someone, somewhere has to have printed Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals in all the Middle Eastern languages, as they are using it every bit as good as the Communist Leftists do here in America today. The same Anti-Americans who call Glenn Beck crazy and try to use these same tactics to smear him daily, will also try to say, that since the Director here says the brotherhood isn’t violent and is not looking to install Sharia governments worldwide, surely it must be true.

    Clapper took an Oath of office and with this testimony he is proven to be guilty of Treason minimum. Just claiming he is totally stupid is no legal defense for this injustice here. It certainly wouldn’t be very difficult to pull up recent reports on the Muslim brotherhood and their actions that have crossed this man’s desk. That would prove he knows he lied in front of Congress and planned on doing it before he walked in there. Thus we have grounds to remove him immediately. The only thing stopping that from happening is the gutless cowards are running these scam hearings where they expose this stuff but never have the guts to take action against it. Just like Rangel’s 3-ring circus “trial”. All bluster and theater, never any real action taken, no real punishment handed down.
    It makes me sick to see these people even utter the word Justice in any way shape or form.