Bust the Unions ? You Betcha!

By | February 24, 2011

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4 thoughts on “Bust the Unions ? You Betcha!

  1. James Greer

    Yep this over a year old and I stumbled across it. I feel pretty bad for Public sector Unions and a majority of Private Sector Unions. There is a strong misconception that Unions have too much power. They have no more power than you or I as individuals. As a group they have gained strength, no different than a republican or democratic party. No different than a business who has assembled people with the same goal in mind of succeeding in their business.

    No Different than the ability of any citizens to assemble freely.

    The real misunderstanding about Unions costing the state governments to much money is based on how the state controlled pension funds have been misappropriated. No different that our Social Security funds.

    Every Citizen pays a Union Due ( a few actually whether you want to or not, taxes ) Social Security. You pay an amount from every paycheck you receive towards a fund that benefits you. I’m surprised we are not organized citizens in a fashion similar to organized labor. Atleast we would be more proactive sooner than later when it comes to SOC SEC checks.

    Public Sector Unions asked for a pension and were granted one by an elected public official, and that was clearly described in the written contract. Why now have states decided they made a mistake by blaming their financial woes on Public Unions? They claim pension payments are to excessive. If it is excessive why was it agreed to? Why now must we back out of our agreement?

    The real problems go farther beyond attempted party blame. Fractional Reserve Banking. Look that up and learn how Debt is so necessary for growth in our style of economy, and how by the simple addition of circulating currency is the cause of inflation, minimum wage increase, pension increases, raised taxes, etc.

    In reality nothing actually costs more than it did 100 years ago when not compared in dollars but rather a percentage of Income Vs Expenses.

  2. Daniel (twitter: @Mirac777) Post author

    I agree 100% overtaxed and Carolyn. This situation has now ent beyond ridiculous. Here is another fact: These pathetic Democratic Senators are STILL GETTING PAID! While they whine about their checks being held back, they will get them eventually. That is unacceptable!

  3. overtaxed

    As we all witness the horrendous behavior of the state workers in Wisconsin It is now clear who to target and rage war against These mob boss union leaders and there brain washed Red Dipper Doper crying Baby’s.America Is Very Sick Basically on life support with a doctor that wants to cure it with poison,like QE2.Lets take our freedom back,Fight the fight!

  4. Carolyn Dunston

    The Unions at one time were a good thing but that has been many years ago. They have progressed into a mafia type mentality in my opinion. Cuts simply have to be done whether they like it or not.

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