Activist Judges: A Closer look.

By | February 3, 2011

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4 thoughts on “Activist Judges: A Closer look.

  1. Daniel

    Hi Carol,

    This will have to be heard by the Supreme Court ultimately. What is interesting is that they have had to dish out 733 waivers to crony-capitalists and Unions due to the negative effects of Obamacare already. yet certain Democrats & Obama propagandists say this doesn’t need to go to the Supreme Court under a sort of emergency rule, because they claim it doesn’t take effect until 2014. If that is true, why did they have to rush to grant 733 waivers to protect their cronies THIS YEAR? Because many facets of Obamacare start thisyear and it is hurting businesses, companies and Unions health Insurance right now.

  2. Carolyn Dunston

    So glad this Judge ruled like he did against Obamacare. Since the Senate voted to keep it, I wonder what will happen with it now.

  3. Daniel

    Thats for sure, Butch! The problem isa that there are so many ignorant sheep in this dumbed-down country, that Patriots like myself are compelled to educate and inform them of these injustices. Otherwise the sheep get dumber and keep voting for this phony “hope and change” lie, and then we are in bread lines like the rest of the Communist regimes.

  4. Butch Jocson

    Let them liberal leftists maniacs lie on every sense of the word! We know the truth!

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