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2012 Presidential Profile: Donald Trump

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  1. Thank you both for adding valid points here. All I can add to that discussion is that crony-capitalism, while it can produce great results in the business world, when injected into our Government at the highest levels,it can also lead to things like we see with the Unions and their vote- buying favoritism from the Democrats.
    Trump also recently mentioned his business dealings all over the world and particularly China. True American conservatives around the country had to be raising their eyebrows about that statement, considering the trade imbalance we are facing with China. Thats a little to close to globalism for my liking. When it comes to the business end of proven government politicians, Gary Johnson makes trump look like a lightweight, IMHO.

  2. I still think Donald Trump is brilliant at running things and at this point we need someone with real business sense to straighten things out. He’s the smartest one I have seen so far but it’s still early in the game & I’m still researching. We don’t need another loser like McCain running against Obama this time.

  3. Well lets look at actions in 2011-he has been big fund raiser for Rahm’s Chicago Mayor run & just stated that Bill Daley is one of his best friends. That should say it all. My opinion is anyone that supports Trump is either a Liberal or is just plain stupid.