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U.S. Representative Giffords and Others Shot at Event

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  1. @CDNnow Sen Lopez owes every Afghanistan Veteran an apology for saying on Fox News she ‘heard’ the gunman was an Afghan Vet.

  2. I am betting money that this was an inside job, money and promises involved. Obama and his administration is sending a message to all congressmen who fail to go along with what is going on behind the scenes. walking in the middle, not committing to his plans for our country will only lead to hardships for the senators, and their families. Better walk straight and listen to the dictator in chief in what he says behind these closed door meetings.

  3. @CDNnow Just wait. MSNBC will take its shot somewhere…..

  4. @CDNnow If he is 22 and went to Community College then its a stretch. Unless he is Guard or Reserve.

  5. I agree, that was my point. He wasn’t after a specific person.

  6. @CDNnow NO…..The guy was mentally ill….let’s not get carried away…