Texas Budget Debate: Washington Post vs Newsmax

By | January 19, 2011

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2 thoughts on “Texas Budget Debate: Washington Post vs Newsmax

  1. Daniel (twitter: @Mirac777) Post author

    I agree 100% Frank. The piece actaully combines two big problems we face today:
    1- Media bias and lack of journalistic integrity pose a serious danger to our republic today more than ever before in our history.

    2- The lack of proper, bipartisan oversight and true accounting practices within State and Federal Governments seems to be opening up America towards the failed Socialism that bankrupted world powers throughout history.

    The Government creates the crisis to further empower themselves over the people. When I hear Obama talk about “collective salvation” while bashing the capitalism that made this Nation the greatest on earth, I see the breadlines and poverty inherent within the Liberals Socialist utopia.

  2. Frank Hammond

    Great information. Well done, with appropriate commentary and references. All states and the federal government should adopt (and stick to) an amendment requiring a balanced budget. While we’re at it, they should eliminate everyone’s ability to put “pork” into new legislation and make independent taxing authorities (school districts) do the same.

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