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Revisiting S510- The Food Safety Bill

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  1. Just as a revisit to this – you do know that HR 2751 was signed into law on January 4, 2011, correct? And it did include S 510.

  2. Liberals have become similar to an infestation of termites. It’s been quite, stealthy and hidden in the walls. From the outside, our nation looks the same, but we have become a socialist country over night. I do recall going to war over such things in the past – but for some reason, it’s actually happened in our own land, without a single shot being fired. I don’t think this nation can survive another two years of this stripping we’ve been going through. What’s it going to take people for us to wake up and realize that we must get these people out of washington RIGHT NOW!!!

    • Daniel (twitter: @Mirac777)

      I certainly agree with the term “infestation” when it comes to liberals. From activist Judges injecting Liberal opinions into court rulings, to unelected czars with radical ideology, to Anti-American nutcases saying the American flag offends some people, the infestation is wide ranging. The Socialists now have made us a second rate country next to China, and won’t let up until we are a third world nation begging for enough food to feed our people. Communism used to be illegal in this country. Now kids think it is cool to wear Che and Mao T-shirts. HOW SAD.

      • Are you both kidding? It has nothing to do with socialism.
        It’s hyper-capitalism – corporations have managed to control the government through lobbying, amongst other methods.

        How can a true democracy exist if those who have more money have more political power?Political power, bills and laws can be purchased with enough money in the US. This is known as plutocracy.

        These ‘liberals’ of which you speak are generally centrist – not even truly left wing on the political scale. If you think a true socialist would allow a corporation to set government laws, to be self-regulating, and to get government bailouts, you are using the wrong word.

  3. Great job Daniel! Keep it up till you break Obama’s back, that is if he has one!

    • Lol Thanks Butch.

      I dont want to break his back, lol, I just want every Anti-American Values bill they passed repealed!
      Together we Stand for American Family values, freedom from restrictive, over-bearing big daddy Government, and The Rule of Law!

  4. Great Job,A well-written, well-researched article.

  5. We are not a free nation any more. We are losing our rights one by one. When will we take a stand and take back what is ours? Daniel you said “I say put me in charge of a temp. committee to repeal this farce of a bill. Put the hearings on cspan.Give me one week. I would expose and embarrass our Congress like never done before in the History of our great nation. In the end this huge gov’t expansion would go right where it belongs,in the trash can.” Don’t say it because talk is cheap, do it. Please people we need to do something. What are we telling our kids that their future is not important to us. We pride ourselves on being a GREAT nation, but we don’t do anything to make this a great nation. We are giving our kids a nation that does not care about the people that live in it. How sad. We should be ashame of ourselves. People its time to get off our lazy butt and do something.

    • I agree with your points 100%. I also call for everyone to call their Senators and Congressmen and demand this bill be repealed. Have you done that yet? What State do you live in? I will get you your Reps phone numbers if you would like to try to help here.

      The challenge to put me in charge of a citizen’s committee for the repeal of this bill has, in fact, been made in my letters to House Majority leader, House Majority Whip and Senate Minority leaders. I also made that challenge to my Florida reps here. I am just one concerned citizen trying to fight back against the huge Power Structure of our Congress, so I am writing to enlist the help of all citizens to stand up to them today. Let our voices be heard loud and long.
      United we stand. Thank you for your comment,


  6. Bravo daniel. A well-written, well-researched piece.
    It’s too bad that with the election of BHO we are watching our rights slowly being siphoned away.
    Taking over our insurance,banks,auto and financial industries. Mooschelle Obama and Mike Bloomberg have decided what is good or bad for us regarding our children’s diets or salt intake.
    Why not seize the opportunity to be the food police also?
    This gives them the opportunity to recall at will and possibly destroy more of our private industries.
    Is it beyond belief that they want to hurt the farmers,also??
    Thank you all, for creating this Nanny-Country BHO.

    • Daniel (twitter: @Mirac777)

      Thank you Mike.

      If anything this bill is the perfect example of the tricks and stunts our out of control Gov’t will pull to give themselves more power over the people they are “supposed”to serve. The process in which this passed is borderline UnConstitutional. The estimates for how many new workers will be hired range from a few thousand to as high as 17,000. This is nothing short of ridiculous, as to how citizens are not calling for the repeal of this bill. Bottom line, is that people just have no real clue on what this big expansion of our Gov’t will do to food prices.

      So much for voting for Conservatives to cut down the size an scope of our Gov’t in 2010. Inaction by the House on this Food Safety Bill or whatever it is called today, will give us a very good idea as to if we have a Gov’t of, for and by the people. So far we dont have that.
      I have laid out the dangers of this bill as concise as possible. I want it repealed. We are being brainwashed into thinking the repeal process is too difficult to do. That simply isn’t true. I say put me in charge of a temp. committee to repeal this farce of a bill. Put the hearings on cspan.Give me one week. I would expose and embarrass our Congress like never done before in the History of our great nation. In the end this huge gov’t expansion would go right where it belongs,in the trash can.