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President Obama Issues Executive Order On Improving Regulation and Regulatory Review

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  1. Interesting angle, however I believe that it is much more beneficial to
    count on your own intuitions in most of these situations.

  2. I don’t believe anything Obama says. He’s not looking out for anyone except himself. Can’t wait until 2012 gets here so that maybe we can get a REAL President and not this phony.

    • Daniel (twitter: @Mirac777)

      Hi Carol, I sure can’t blame you for not believing anything Obama says today. His promises are aren’t worth much today if we look at the facts. Gitmo is still open, say what they want, but we are still in Iraq with 50,000 troops, DC now has more lobbyists than ever and many of them now work for Obama, who claims to have banned them from working in his administration. Facts are facts.

  3. This “leader” cares now about regulations that stifle business growth? I feel like I woke up after going on a two year bender.

    • Daniel (twitter: @Mirac777)

      I agree Mike, Amazing how things have turned around since the 2010 elections. Do these Dem Tyrants think we have forgotten the misery they inflicted upon America for the last 4 years? 14 TRILLION in debt is kind of hard to forget. 18 straight months of U/E over 9%, the highest since WWII is also a very good indicator of the Democrats job killing, irresponsible tyranny.

  4. Daniel (twitter: @Mirac777)

    Disturbing update about Exec order #13562.

    Section 1(c) states: (c) In applying these principles, each agency is directed to use the best available techniques to quantify anticipated

    present and future benefits and costs as accurately as possible. Where appropriate and permitted by law, each agency may consider (and discuss qualitatively) values that are difficult or impossible to quantify, including equity, human dignity, fairness, and distributive impacts.

    When dealing with Marxist principles, we must watch out for the last line there. “Agency may consider values that include human dignity and “distributive impacts.” I wonder if Mr. Obama will be improving those distributive values to the people who never work for a living or pay taxes? Work for welfare comes to mind here. Fairness? I agrre with fairness. Especially when it comes to redistributing the work load instead of the wealth of others. This is dangerous stuff here. I say we get him out of office in 2012, then we install some sanity into our government and start “redistributing the workload” in this country. Way too many people are leeching off of the hard work of others today.