New Whitehouse COS, Bill Daley. Capitalist, or Socialist?

By | January 31, 2011

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2 thoughts on “New Whitehouse COS, Bill Daley. Capitalist, or Socialist?

  1. Daniel

    Hi Carol,

    While I do agree that Obama has made a habit of hiring blatantly unqualified people for most positions in his cabinet, this Bill Daley is a very different character. Both parties say he is a genius in business management and budgeting, yet I don’t really see him being much more than another politician. I know I wouldnt let him near any business I ever owned. This guy has been bought and paid for by the left, period. As I have shown in my article here, his words don’t match up with the trumped up image the media has tried to fool us with. Whatever his past creds, he is nothing more than another Obama puppet/ stage prop today.Otherwise he wouldnt have made the phony investment statement just like Obama did in the SOTU.

  2. Carolyn Dunston

    This guy fits right in with Obama. He surrounds himself with idiots.

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