Money for Nothing and Houses for Free.

By | January 25, 2011

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2 thoughts on “Money for Nothing and Houses for Free.

  1. Daniel

    Yes Obama sure has sucked up the donations from F&F over the years. I bet if I can find the true figures, we will see that F&F bought the silence of both parties for decades. I can gaurantee you that the biggest theft/graft/ vote/buying through campaign donations will be tracked back to the Democratic/Liberal party of 2007 to present. That is also when the Democrats had full power of both House and Senate. Lets see who F&F throws all those taxpayer dollars behind in 2012. I,m betting it gets funneled into Barry’s campaign.

  2. Diane Jenkins

    Ha – didn’t Obama himself between 2002 and 2007 take 25 million from Freddie Mac? See the connection -

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