Kicked out of Canada, Jailed in France, Muslim cleric caught being smuggled into U.S

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  • Thank you for your question Carol,

    I feel like Napolitano and company are inviting another attack in many ways today. Create a big crisis so they can further encroach on our freedoms and lives. Whoever thought Americans would ever let some government neanderthal stick their hands down people’s pants and grope ladies breasts just to fly from one city to another?

    I will not fly under this kind of lunacy, as I will not be fondled, embarrassed and abused like the TSA is doing there. Napolitano says they dont have enough money to deport all the illegal criminals, yet they had millions of dollars to dish out to their cromies for these scanners that basically havent prevented one stinking attack, havent found one bomb, nothing. More wasted tax dollars, while thousands of illegals crawl into our country every day. That Mope cant send our National gaurd to protect our border, yet they can send a whole squadron of them from Connecticut to Egypt. Last time I checked the National Guard was created to protect Americans and our land and sea borders. Someone needs to show Napolitano a map and ask her what part of the U.S does Egypt border on?

  • What is it going to take to wake Janet Napolitano up. We are a ticking time bomb for another incident like 9/11 if they don’t crack down and soon.