Illinois Legislators Increase Taxes 66% and Cut .. Nothing

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  • I believe they floated the idea (myth) that the increase would only hit coorporations in the beginning of this debate. Here is another Liberal myth in Illinois.They say this will only be for 2 or 3 years.( supposed to be “temporary”) Really? They haven’t implemented any transparent life-cycle budgeting, they haven’t cut any spending,and they fail to deal with their public pension Union-caused massive deficits. Is Rahm Emmanuel going to get the Federal Gov’t to bail them out? Not with the GOP house they aren’t. So I for one would like to ask these budget hawks from Illinois one simple question. “Just where will the money come from, to allow you to roll this tax back in 2-3 years?” Chicago will be the next Detroit soon. A once proud blue collar city, crushed by bugetary lies and gimmicks and Union pension entitlements.