Group Pushes to Limit Steak Consumption

By | January 21, 2011

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5 thoughts on “Group Pushes to Limit Steak Consumption

  1. Jennas Friend

    Too bad this isn’t real. Kobe beef is taken from calves that are raised in deplorable circumstances. Other cows also don’t have to be slaughtered just so obese white people can eat. People weren’t meant to eat cows anyway or chickens either.

    1. Daniel

      Who’s Jenna? Please explain to me what people are “meant to eat” then and how you come to make that statement. Also did you read the disclaimer at bottom? What does “white people” have to do with this? Did you miss the movie “Precious?” Have you seen the size of Oprah lately? Grow up and stop the racist trolling.

  2. Jay

    I was reading this and thinking, man they’ve gone too far this time .. but only because it was plausible. I could see some left-wing nut-job starting some group to slowly but methodically eliminate meat. All for the greater good or some crap.

    I was all set to join SEAR too .. once I saw the name of the group, BLOW, I caught on. Satire, well done, and the point of a slow erosion of freedoms is taken to heart.

  3. Daniel

    Typo correction and lack of proper self-editing on my part. “Steak eaters against restrictions.’

    I may start a group called Writers against illiterate liberal trolls who can’t spell or use proper grammar too.

  4. Daniel

    Very good points Rich. Wonder how many folks won’t read the disclaimer and type in some outrage at “Jenna”, LOL.

    I like the counter-group, Steak-eters against restrictions also. Very nice touch there.

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