Egypt Shuts Down Internet – New Bill Gives Obama the Same Power

By | January 27, 2011

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5 thoughts on “Egypt Shuts Down Internet – New Bill Gives Obama the Same Power

  1. Daniel

    In the Managers Amendment section of this bill I found this: Your info is 100% correct Rich, good job. If they say you are shut down for any reason, you get no chance to fight it in court. That is Dictatorial power of Tyrants and contrary to American law, plain and simple.

    ‘‘(2) FINAL DECISION.—A decision to identify
    9 any system or asset as covered critical infrastructure
    10 based on a request submitted under this sub11
    12 ‘‘(A) is committed to the sole, unreviewable
    13 discretion of the Secretary; and
    14 ‘‘(B) shall not be subject to—
    15 ‘‘(i) an appeal under subsection (c); or
    16 ‘‘(ii) judicial review.’’.
    17 SEC.

    From page 212 section 8. Accessed on 1/28/2011
    S3480 Amending the Homeland Security Act of 2002.

  2. Daniel

    Pulled right from this bill, another illegality added by ignorant liberals:

    IV) statistics on diversity, in24
    cluding age, disability, race, gender,
    25 and national origin, of individuals
    HEN10553 S.L.C.
    1 hired under the authority of this sec2
    tion to the extent such statistics are
    3 available;

    Silly me, I thought US Law prohibited groups, or the government, from hiring based on race, age, sex etc. Not anymore it shows here. Social Justice 101, make sure you hire minorities, whether they are qualified or not. This is also how our government becomes so incompetent that it takes 8 people to do the same job one person did 15 years ago.(Dept of labor stats, 2009.) This is also what is happening at Walmart, where an “intelligent, qualified” cashier who was hired based on her race didnt believe me when I told her a 12-pack of Coke didnt cost $347.00, like she was asking me to pay. I had to get a manager to change the price to $3.47. When I asked that genius if she thought I was going to pay that price, she states that if the machine says so, then that is what it costs. This is the direct result of the lovely “Diversity” we get from liberal ignorants being in power.

  3. Daniel

    The section of the bill that Rich states here is posted right in the thrid block quote section, which came right out of the posted amnendment which was aded to the Homelans Security Act, of which the complete leglislation link is provided at the end of the article.

    How in the hell they can get away with that trick is beyond my scope and understanding also. “Shall not be subject to judicial review” Just who in the hell do these Tyrants think they are today?

    I also saw the riots in Egypt yesterday about shutting down the internet there, and a good discussion of how Obama and Hillary, through both of their rabble-rousing speeches recently aimed at Egypt, are directly partly responsible for these riots. Yet Obama says we have to stay out of other countries business when it comes to Iran and nukes. Pathetic hypocrites. This is all further ex-lained in Obama’s favorite community organizing manual, “Rules for Radicals.” Look that one up.
    Create a crisis, then use that same crisis to take away the voices and freedoms of those who oppose your tyranny and oppression of the people.

  4. Marco

    I don’t see your claim in the Bill, can you point out please? Great article btw

    1. Rich Mitchell (twitter: @CDNNow) Post author

      Which claim? You may be correct, but you’re not giving me facts to check.

      For judicial review: I mentioned that the prevention of judicial review was in the January revision, not the original bill.

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