Democrats Dare GOP to Vote Against Raising Debt Ceiling

By | January 11, 2011

Despite Tim Geithner’s dire warning to Congress that failing to raise the debt ceiling would cause “catastrophic” consequences for our economy, Barney Frank is leading the liberal charge to keep the debt ceiling right where it is.

Don’t get excited, Rep. Frank hasn’t suddenly become fiscally aware.  He’s decided to use the oldest of parliamentary tactics to shame the GOP into doing his bidding – the infamous “double-dog dare”.

The Hill has reported that Mr. Frank, along with other House Democrats, is daring, no, double-dog daring the GOP to raise the debt ceiling without Democrat votes.

..rather than rallying to Obama’s side, House Democrats are remaining aloof. They say it is the GOP’s responsibility to raise the debt ceiling now that Republicans are the ones in charge of the chamber.

“I reject any attempt to shift the responsibility to the minority,” Frank said. “Don’t do us any favors.”

So Barney doesn’t want to shoulder the blame for increasing the amount of money America needs to borrow to fund its ridiculously large government.  What happens if House Republicans blink?

Many programs will have to have budgets cut or be outright de-funded.  For a current year budget issue, social security and medicare would be safe.  Reforming those programs will take a long range plan and Republicans know that.  There are many programs that could be de-funded or discontinued with little impact to the citizenry.  A few come to mind:

  • Health Care Reform
  • Ethanol/Corn subsidies
  • Green energy funding
  • International Assistance
  • Food safety act
  • Congressional salaries and benefits
  • Slash budgets for government offices/bureaus (education, energy, IRS, etc) – do more with less, the rest of America is
  • Sell the massive tracts of government-owned land in the Mid-west to bolster the general fund
  • Re-privatize the college loan program (this time without the subsidy)

I am sure Republican leadership in the House could grow this list substantially – dare ‘em Mr. Frank .. just double-dog dare ‘em.

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3 thoughts on “Democrats Dare GOP to Vote Against Raising Debt Ceiling

  1. Richard Allred

    I hope that the republicans that are blocking the debt ceiling will choke and die therefore loss the next election. Self centered rich and missguided not rich…. Are so backwards and “Robber Baron” mentality. I can’t believe they are so misguided. Potenially having Social Security not paid is just to much.

    1. R. Mitchell Post author

      Mr. Allred,
      How does it feel being taken in by the huge, media-controlling left-wing extremist arm of American politics? If Social Security doesn’t get paid, it’s because the Treasury Secretary (Timothy Geihtner) did so at the President’s request.

      There is more than enough in regular revenue to service the debt, pay Social Security checks, serve Medicare beneficiaries and pay our troops.

      If the White House chooses to pay his big-labor, special interests before seniors – we’ll make sure everyone knows it.

      Your rant is illogical, has no base in fact, and otherwise refuted.

  2. Daniel (twitter: @Mirac777) Post author

    Block raising the Debt limit, maybe a few more people will learn just what the last 4 years of Democratic Party rule have really done to our country. If my wife dared me to cut up her credit card after she had maxed it our for 4 straight years without paying a nickel, not only would I cut it up, I,d throw a big party to do it and invite all of her friends to watch. A little embarrassment in the face of facts goes a long way towards showing folks the errors of their ways. Dems need this bigtime, IMO. Shut it down.Cut the credit cards up.

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