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Progressives Pushing for Radio Buy to Mislead Public on Health Care Repeal

A not-so conservative friend of mine forwarded this ugly little email to me.  She was of course trying once again trying to show me the error of my ways.  I don’t think she realizes how silly she and her liberal friends sound.

Yesterday, House Republicans voted to repeal the new health insurance reform law. Even though they know the law won’t actually be repealed–because Democrats hold the White House and the Senate–they voted anyway in order to appease their Tea Party base.

In response, Daily Kos is teaming up with Blue America to make House Republicans pay a political price for this grandstanding. In key districts around the country, we’re going to run a radio ad highlighting the cruelty and hypocrisy of the Republican effort to repeal health insurance reform. (radio spot added by me below).

The ad makes two points:

  1. Republicans in Congress just voted to raise health insurance premiums, take away prescription drug benefits, and allow insurance companies to cut off coverage to Americans with pre-existing conditionsAnd–
  2. These cuts didn’t apply to the health insurance plans Republican members of Congress receive.

It only costs $2,500 per district for local media to pick up on this ad and produce a story on it. We know this because an allied organization, Americans United for Change, went after freshman Republican Andy Harris with a radio ad like this back in November. Even though Americans United for Change only spent $2,500 on the ad, local media picked up on it anyway. Harris took a big hit.

We’re expanding this campaign into other Republican-held districts. The ad is already produced, an advertising placement expert is lined up, communication staff is ready to contact local media, and the name of the Republican member of Congress in the ad can be changed to fit any district. All we need to make it work is your $10 contribution.

Republicans peaked in the 2010 elections. As their cruelty and hypocrisy come to light, they are quickly sliding downhill. In just two months, Democrats have erased the electoral advantage Republicans held in 2010. That trend will only continue if we capitalize on opportunities like this.

Let’s make it happen. Please, contribute $10 to run this ad in key districts.

Keep fighting,
Chris Bowers
Campaign Director, Daily Kos

There is so much progressive fear mongering and absolute mis-treatment of the truth in this thing that it is hard to know where to begin.  We’ll start with the two points that Mr. Bowers highlighted in his email.

“Republicans in Congress just voted to raise health insurance premiums, take away prescription drug benefits, and allow insurance companies to cut off coverage to Americans with pre-existing conditions”

I don’t see repeal as voting to raise insurance premiums, those are still going up and will continue to do so under Obamacare.  It is the intention of the progressives to make sure that the private insurance market is put under such heavy regulation and economic strain that its only recourse will be to price itself out of existence.

“These cuts didn’t apply to the health insurance plans Republican members of Congress receive”

Why is this such a problem now?  I didn’t see the DailyKos pushing for Democrats to eat their own dog food when they shoved this mess down our throats.  What cuts is he talking about anyway?  The GOP has simply voted to repeal Obamacare, the replacement bill is in the works.  Then again, if Chris Bowers and Markos Moulitsas want to know what’s in the replacement bill, maybe they’ll just have to wait till it passes to see what’s in it.

The radio spot is even more of a face palm artifact.  The terrible voice-over announcer is probably as good as they could get on the cheap, but the droning string of pure ignorance is just awful.  The audio alludes to the 14th amendment to the Constitution – equal protection under the law.  So now the libtards want to invoke the Constitution?  Unfortunately, it’s not accurate.  Equal protection under the law does not guarantee that everyone is equally privileged.  It simply means that the law cannot single out one set of citizens for application of law.  If the disastrous health care law is repealed, the law affords no class of citizen anything more than another – because there would be no health care law – none.

The left-wing nut-jobs are misleading their naive base.  The ultra lefties won’t mind it though, naivety is just a stepping stone on the way to social justice .. or the other way around .. they keep changing the order.

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  1. Daniel (twitter: @Mirac777) says:

    The Progressives hiding behind the Democratic mantra of Liberalism, or Liberals hiding behind the mantra of Progressivism, or whatever they call themselves today, they have a never-ending identity crisis because their whole agenda is based upon lies and Social Justice fraud.

    “These cuts didn’t apply to the health insurance plans Republican members of Congress receive”? Hello frigging hypocrite Liberals? YOU voted down that same provision/ amendment that the GOP proposed during the H/C scam debacle. Seems Dems were proven to want to keep their “cadiallac plans ” there. After all, they had a huge majority for 4 years in both houses and 2 years with Obama in charge.

    Change is still coming in 2012- and it sure as hell isn’t the change these nutjobs are lying to themselves about,that will be coming.