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ACLU Wages War on Christmas

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  1. You know if this was the America that I grew up in during the 50’s and 60’s, and you tried to take down a nativity scene you’d probably be beaten to death by wome swinging purses. You don’t go ordering something that is a Constitutional right. And since the American White Christian has had it’s own police used against it to force it to do something they shouldn’t have to do, and don’t have to do no matter if fifty liberal judges order you to take it down, you still don’t have to no matter how many cops show up. Send the whole damn police dept. and you still don’t have to do anything but go inside and watch a movie on TV. And if somebody comes on your property to try and take down your nativity scene you can come out onto the lawn with a shotgun and order the bastards to get off your property and the cops have to order the ACLU thugs off your property or they will lock them up.

    Ohhh, but this is America 2011 where the liberals have learned that they can use pressure from the police unions to force cops to do what they should not be doing and that is arresting you if you come out onto your lawn with a gun and order people off your property who are trespassing to begin with, and secondly destroying your private property which they should be the only reason anyone is being arrested for anything. But if a cop said, “I know this is wrong. I am not going to arrest this man for displaying a nativity on his own property, or out in front of his privately owned business or on the front of his privately owned business.” At that time his supervisor would order him to make the arrest for violation of a court order violation of people’s rights to be able to walk down the street without having to see some Christian thing that offends him. And if the cop refused, which he is supposed to be doing, and is supposed to be protecting our rights not the bogus non-rights of people who have no say in the matter and not the non-rights of some judge who doesn’t have the right, and cannot over ride the Constitution no matter what.

    But White Christian’s have been shut up for so long that we’ve lost our voices as a people who created the whole holiday that millions of American’s of all races enjoy during the Christmas time of the year. We did that, and kids in schools should be taught that it was White Christian’s who started the tradition and not any other race. Blacks get a whole month to celebrate some bogus history of a people who don’t have much of a history as far as what culture, customs, or traditions that ALL AMERICAN’S have celebrated for generations, but they get a whole month. White people are having the customs, traditions, and culture that they created taken away from them instead of getting the due credit they deserve. But liberals think they have more right to use cops to force White people to give up their rights and customs and no other race in America has to do that or has the cops used on them if they celebrate their customs or traditions. What’s wrong with that picture?

    We all used to celebrate each others customs, culture, and traditions as everyone else used to celebrate the customs, culture, and traditions that belonged to White people as well. That is what used to happen in America before liberals started claiming that it was only White people’s culture that needs to be destroyed so nobody finds out about it, and that everyone used to partisipate in celebrating what was AMERICAN TRADITIONS. They weren’t Black, Mexican, or Irish, or Muslim, or anything liberals lie about, it was all AMERICAN CULTURE. This is what liberals want to kill off. What do they plan on replacing American traditions with when they’re through? Islamic? Beheadings, wife beatings in December?

  2. I’m sick to death of people being offended by the word Christmas! We don’t say Happy Holiday for Valentines day or any other celebration. We call the celebration what it is. I may not like to hear Happy Ramadan but it doesn’t bother me…I just ignore it. People who don’t like to hear Christmas can do the same.