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Senator Mark Kirk to the Rescue

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  1. Roy Rogers McFreely

    hahaha It looks like your hero Sen. Kirk is trying to be a democrat, that must hurt. You teabaggers are going to be so upset at what the republicans can’t do for you, I’m just going to sit back and laugh. Now that that they’re in the public eye in congress, their lunacy will be exposed daily and only the fringe nuts will stick with them in 2012, once they bother to read about them. The ones that can’t read will stay with the tea party. How bout that vote by Kirk on DADT? HAHAHAHAHA

  2. What are you doing ? Nice Vote. Are you lost with the big boys or are you really a Chicago Dem

  3. Oh Captain kickass is it? Well let’s call the GOP Captain Do-nothing. No, that’s wrong. How about Captain Do-nothing-except-help-the-wealthy. Sorry, my mistake.