North Carolina City To Accept Mexican IDs

By | November 11, 2010

Mexican Identification - Matricular CardAccording to WTVD-11, Durham, NC’s city council is considering accepting Mexican-issued I.D.s for the purpose of identification and financial transactions.

If approved, Durham would be the first city in the country to accept the Matricula Consular. It’s an identification card issued by the Government of Mexico through its consulate offices to Mexican citizens residing outside of Mexico regardless of their emigration status.

According to an opinion from the Durham City Attorney, “the official purpose of the card is to demonstrate that the holder is a Mexican citizen living outside of Mexico. It includes an official Government of Mexico issued ID number and bears a photograph and address of the Mexican National to whom it is issued.”

If Durham approves the resolution, city officials and police officers would accept it as a legal form of ID and banks could also accept it for financial transactions.

As CDN reported in June, these Matricula Consular are loosely controlled and open the door for identity fraud.

The FBI has even stated that the Mexican government does not manage the I.D.s well which leads to forgery and duplication.  I wonder if any foreign terrorists might also like a Matricular ID so that they can get money to/from their organizations with no track back to their true identity.

As the city is considering the use of these Matricular cards for the opening of bank accounts and transfers, the movement of money to international banks could be done with no link to the actual ID of the person performing the transaction.

Durham is opening it’s doors the possibly becoming a terrorist gateway into the country and for American financial assets to get to terrorist entities abroad.

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0 thoughts on “North Carolina City To Accept Mexican IDs

  1. True American

    This is the dumbest thing that I ever heard. Illegals need no rights: they should not be able to have Driver’s Licenses, jobs, state benefits like Food stamps, no church or charity benefits, definitely no voting rights, no instate college tution rates or scholarships. It’s time this country grows a back bone and quit giving them anything at all. They need to go back where they come from. Plus we need to give the border patrol orders to shoot first (shoot to kill if would be preferable) then apprehend. And when caught prosecute with the charges of attemped terrorism.

  2. aleister crowley

    why dont stop of bothering those poor people, you mother fucker racists
    now they are passing through the same problem that blacks
    this is racism and discrimination.
    all of you that think so, cause you never been through same problem.
    but everything you do in this life
    you’ll pay in this life

  3. wingnut sammich

    What are those idiots in Durham thinking? Has 9-11 faded in their memories already?