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What Will Happen on November 3rd : Saturday Open Thread

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  1. I see many of your thoughts as possibilities for Wednesday morning. Personally, I think if we stay focused on the T.E.A. message, unite around one common cause – getting Obama out of office, and avoiding the swamp that is a wide spectrum of social issues, we will enjoy the outcome in 2012.

  2. I think we Tea Partiers will stay united on the cut taxes, smaller government, reduce the debt thing. Social issues will certainly start to divide the libertarians from the paleoCons and neoCons.

    There will be calls to move towards the middle. I hope we don’t sacrifice too much to get the fiscal agenda put in place. Obama has proven that scorched earth for a single cause doesn’t work.

  3. The coming wave will be bigger than most are predicting. I think that these mid-terms will have a voter turn-out like no other and that means the house and senate go GOP.

    Once that happens, the Republicans need to live up to their promises fairly quickly to avoid a return to the progressive mess we are facing today.

  4. I have a gut hunch that while there will be change in the house, the Senate will remain with the Dems. There will then be two year’s of finger pointing which will allow for enough rhetoric that Mr. O’s supporters will come back and put him in for another four years. Additionally I think the house at that time will likely move back closer to Dem control.

  5. Great question. I worry that if the “tsunami” as you call it is real, that conservatives will start bickering over which program to cut or which social issue to attack and tear the movement might dissolve.

    There’s no visible leader. What happens when on TP member wants to raise the social security age and another wants to privatize it? What happens when some want to fix the borders first while others want to focus on tax cuts?

    That’s where the progressives are today .. each little faction has its own cause and if the eco-terrorists don’t get their cool program – they hate the Decmocrats. If the LGBTs don’t get their thing .. they get disaffected.