Scott Ashjian Threatens to Hand Nevada Election to Harry Reid

By | October 4, 2010

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0 thoughts on “Scott Ashjian Threatens to Hand Nevada Election to Harry Reid

  1. A Citizen

    I hope Harry Reid wins. I don’t want to trade a Senate Majority Leader for an already power drunk, cutting back room deals dealer, who claims on her own website she’s against that sort of thing. I’m so tired of looking at Sharron Angle with her crooked looks, ways, and chili bowl hair cut…she looks like a Jack on a deck of cards, or a broke down version of that conceited prince on Shrek.

    She acts like everything will be fine and solved once she gets to Washington. That’s the biggest laugh ever. With her fake, “goverment’s the problem”. What she’s saying is that she wants to be part of the problem by joining the government. She’s a big ol’ hypocrit!

    Harry Reid 2010!

  2. sally shaw

    Sharron asked Scott to step down so the tea party can move forward. He was not endorsed by the Tea
    Party Express as Sharron Angle was. She is the real deal!! What a mess if he stays on the ballot!
    If he were an real patriot and loyal American he would step down. He can’t win anyway. All he will do is help Reid win!! Thanks Scott

    1. Gordon

      Yes, this smells of another George Soros pay-off…to split the vote this time!
      Scott’s background and principles should be checked out more thoroughly.
      Harry is likely to be laughing all the way back to the Washington Club.

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