O’Donnell Bridges Gap with GOP Statewide Candidates; Urged Need for Republican Unity

By | October 6, 2010

WILMINGTON, DE – Christine O’Donnell, Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate today hosted a GOP Unity Reception for Delaware Republican candidates. Giving her endorsement and financial assistance to candidates, O’Donnell made the following statement:

“As we head into the home stretch of the election season, Delawareans have a stark choice. If voters think that they are sending too little money to Washington, Dover and local governments, then they should vote for the other ticket. If they think government is too small, spending is too restrained, and bureaucrats and politicians have too little control over their lives, then by all means, they should vote for the party that has been in charge for so long. If, however, Delaware voters know that they are already taxed too much, that government spending is recklessly out of control and that know-it-alls in Washington and state and local capitals have too much power over their lives, then it’s time to vote for Republicans up and down the ticket. We have the opportunity to rescue our country and our state from fiscal and Constitutional disaster. In November, Delawareans will stand for those First Principles that have made our nation so exceptional and will provide the next generation a legacy of strength and prosperity.”

Distinguished members of the community as well as O’Donnell supporters and volunteers also attended the lunch and reception.

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