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New Christine O’Donnell Ad Released: I am Not a Witch

Christine O’Donnell released this ad which is a well-played tactic.  HotAir.com is reporting in this article that Christine has a new manager for her advertising.

Late last month, O’Donnell signed GOP ad guru Fred Davis to handle her advertising for the campaign. Among his greatest hits are Carly Fiorina’s “Demon Sheep” spot and the now legendary “Celebrity” ad attacking Obama for McCain’s campaign two years ago.

It’s great to hear that she has someone to help manage her publicity and I think the ad is well done.  Someone .. should help her manage her web presence.  Searching for “Christine O’Donnell for senate home page” on google gives you craptastic results:

Christine O'Donnell new ad I am not a witch

I spent the better part of 10 minutes using different combinations of Christine O’Donnel for Senate to see if I could get her home page to show up on the first google page.  Nope.  AARP, DNC, Club For Growth, Huffington Post..   none of which are really all that invested in her winning.

Out of curiousity, I followed one of the first page results I got for AARP.  Then got a worthless page from them.. then again, I guess that’s why I support the Alliance for Retirement Prosperity as an alternative to AARP.  I digress.  I so I went to the search widget and put Ms. O’Donnell’s name in there to see what AARP had to offer.. again, top results?

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Christine O'Donnell AARP results

The O’Donnell campaign needs to invest a few buck in an online strategist that at least understands search engines .. she’s getting the crap kicked out of her on the internet and the crafty ad, isn’t going to fix that.  Now that the primaries are over, we have got to support the most Conservative candidate available.  She isn’t perfect, her online strategy has its work cut out for it, but she’s a Conservative and that’s better than being handed another $1 Trillion boondoggle next year.  We have to remember that it is not alway about that singular candidate, sometimes it’s about the caucus.

By the way, anyone wondering, I already had her site bookmarked.  Here it is: http://christine2010.com/.  And yeah, the new ad.. isn’t there.

Update 10-5-10:

The ad now appears on her home page, but still is missing from the multi-media tab.

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