New Ad Campaign Asks Latinos Not To Vote For Congress

By | October 18, 2010

Latinos for Reform today announced a national campaign to get Latino voters to .. not vote.

Latinos for Reform announced today the launch of a national ad campaign in targeted states urging Latino voters not to vote for Members of Congress that have failed to deliver on their immigration reform promises. The ads, in both English and Spanish, are available at

The 2010 election boycott is in response to the failure of the Democrat Congress and President to give them the immigration reform they were promised.

During the 2008 elections, President Obama and the Democratic leadership made a commitment that immigration reform would be passed within a year. Two years later, these lawmakers have not only failed to deliver on this promise; they intentionally undermined even the smallest of reform efforts .. This November we can send a message to all politicians: If they didn’t keep their promise on immigration reform, then they can’t count on our vote.”

Latino voters make up a huge portion of the Democrat voting block.  If this campaign is successful, it could even further increase the size of the Republican tsunami as some have labelled it.  This call could have serious implications on highly-publicized elections such as the Reid-Angle Arizona Senate race and the Whitman-Brown California governors race.  Both campaigns will be hugely impacted by the Latino vote (or lack thereof).

Latinos for Reform tries to make the case that their anger is against both parties, but this ad campaign will most hurt Democrats.  We often hurt the ones we love.

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