Dennis Campaign Responds to EMI Copyright Infringement Claim

By | October 1, 2010

nancy pelosi wicked witch videoSAN FRANCISCO, CA – Under the advice of his attorneys, John Dennis, Congressional Candidate in CA-8, has issued the following statement in response to the copyright infringement claim by EMI with YouTube against the video spoofing of Nancy Pelosi in the Wicked Witch of the West:

“Our attorneys have advised the campaign that the Wicked Witch of the West Video is within the bounds of the law as it constitutes “fair use” under the Supreme Court’s authoritative ruling in Campbell v. Acuff Rose Music, Inc. (1994).

The copyright infringement claim filed by EMI with YouTube against our video spoofing of Nancy Pelosi is sub-frivolous and politically motivated. This incident is yet another example of how Nancy Pelosi and her special interest cronies manipulate and strong arm the system for personal gain at the expense of America’s liberties and freedoms.

The 73 second light parody partially builds on music and characters from The Wizard of Oz, but was rescored within the bounds of the law.  Because it appeals to a political audience and not a commercial audience, the video is no marketplace substitute for the genuine article.

EMI executives provide thousands upon thousands of donations to the Democratic Party, their candidates and Nancy Pelosi each year. Together, they are clearly collaborating to suppress free speech and limit information to the electorate to advance their special interest agenda.”

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