Tsarina Michelle, I Don’t Like Carrots Much

By | September 14, 2010

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0 thoughts on “Tsarina Michelle, I Don’t Like Carrots Much

  1. Alexandra Tsaritsa

    There’s nothing wrong with eating healthier– have you seen how obese kids are today? And something like two-thirds of our country is obese. Personally, I think it’s disgusting and getting children to make healthier choices at school (if their parents aren’t willing to make those choices for them) is a great idea. Some people need to be told to put down the friggin fork.

    PS– no one is going to take your lunch away, but you really should think twice about what kind of filth you’re putting into your body.

  2. Mike

    How did they destroy manufacturing. I seem to remember GM and Chysler being saved with the bailout – many thousands of jobs saved. Since GM and Chrysler are now making profits. Admit it on the auto bailout you were wrong. If it had been allowed to die then you could claim manufacturinbg is being destroyed.

    Also how is manufacturing destoryed in America when we make airplanes (Boeing), making earth movers (caterpiller) and other manufactured goods?