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America’s New Independence Day

November 2nd, 2010 will forever be remembered as a new Independence Day. It will be the day honoring the masses of freedom-loving patriots who will rise up to reclaim their liberty, their constitutional rights, and their right to worship God according to the dictates of their own consciences. Declaration of IndependenceIt will live on forever in our hearts as the day when latter-day heroes, awakened from their slumber by the machinations of the forces of evil, fought an epic battle and emerged victorious. Bruised, yes; battered, yes; bloodied, yes, and yet despite all odds, the great American people will see through the propaganda of the Obama regime, defy the intimidation tactics of the New Black Panther Party and the SEIU, ignore the elitist, statist JournoListers of the Main Stream Media, and storm the polls in a national swell that shall sweep away the absolute rule of their oppressors.

America was founded on the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It was founded by God-fearing men. The founders recognized the hand of the Almighty in the creation of the United States of America. And modern day patriots remain true to the principles upon which this country was founded. It will be these patriots who will save The United States from its enemies, both foreign and domestic.

Good morning. In less than an hour, aircraft from here will join others from around the world. And you will be launching the largest aerial battle in the history of mankind. “Mankind.” That word should have new meaning for all of us today. We can’t be consumed by our petty differences anymore. We will be united in our common interests. Perhaps it’s fate that today is the Fourth of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom… Not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution… but from annihilation. We are fighting for our right to live. To exist. And should we win the day, the Fourth of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day the world declared in one voice: “We will not go quietly into the night!” We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day! – President Thomas Whitmore (from the movie Independence Day)

Independence Day Speech

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! – Isaiah 5:20

The opposing forces in this war of ideology transcend the labels of Democrats and Republicans. This is no less than a war of good versus evil. It is a war for the souls of men. Akin to the plight of patriots during the War of Independence, there are enemy sympathizers among us. Those once known as loyalists – because of their loyalty to the British Crown – have been replaced by moderates, RINOs, political party elites, special interests, labor unions, and behind the scenes political operatives.  The propaganda, manipulations, and machinations of the forces of darkness are attempting to redefine what is good – claiming it to be evil. They know that they will win this war if they can confuse us by turning morality on its head. They know they can win if they can convince us that a man in the White House is our Messiah. They know that if they can sell us on false prophets such as Cass Sunstein, Valerie Jarrett, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Harry Belafonte and Van Jones, that they will win. They know that if they can replace our true heroes such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln with the likes of the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Steny Hoyer, and Barbara Boxer, that they will win. With craftiness, cunning, and hearts of stone, they demonize our heroes and patriotic leaders such as Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh. They even have the audacity to demonize God himself. They are without morals. They are without honor. They are ruthless. They are corrupt. They are the very definition of evil. That is the nature of our enemies. They are powerful. They are pervasive, and they are entrenched. Yet, they will fail.

Why, you ask? – Because we surround them. And for all the danger the Obama Administration represents to freedom, it has been a blessing in disguise. The arrogance, ineptitude, pride, stupid decisions, and outright corruption of the forces currently in power have awakened the sleeping giant that is the true America. Not since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor has this sleeping giant stirred from his sleep, arisen, and defeated the enemy. But now the forces of good have awakened and joined the fight.Patriots, such as my friend Jessica Puente-Bradshaw, have arisen out of obscurity and taken on the entrenched elites. Jessica is one of my heroes.  A mother of several young children and burdened with all of what goes into raising these children in righteousness, Jessica recognizes the perils facing America. She came out of obscurity to run as a Republican candidate for Congress representing the 27th District in Texas.

We need a clear plan for change to put our country back on track. We need real tax reform to help revitalize our economy, not federal government health care mandates. We need to help create jobs that put people back to work, not federal government energy mandates on businesses. We need to protect the rule of law when it comes to immigration, not federal government amnesty proposals. – Jessica Puente-Bradshaw

Unfortunately, Jessica did not win her primary election. But she sure did her part in raising the awareness level in Texas to the dangers facing America. And I have a sneaky suspicion that the story of Jessica isn’t over. She’ll be back. Jessica didn’t crave personal power.

Jessica Puente-Bradshaw

Jessica Puente-Bradshaw

She didn’t run for election in a quest for vain glory. No, Jessica did it to save America. She did the right thing for the right reason. And the beauty of it all is that America is now filled with a multitude of people just like Jessica. Though Jessica didn’t win her race, others just like her are winning – and turning the Liberal/RINO elite upside-down. We are winning. The enemy is running scared. They are in full panic mode. The latest conservative victories came in Tuesday’s primaries. Delaware and New York just witnessed conservative patriots win their primary elections – ousting entrenched members of the political elite. Countless more Jessica Puente-Bradshaws are preparing to flood the polls on November 2nd.

Take heart, fellow conservatives. We have joined the battle with the forces of evil. Although they appear to surround us – given all the attention their every word receives in the Main Street Media – the truth of the matter is that we surround them. This is still a center-right country. This is still a God-fearing country. This is still a freedom-loving country. And we will win.

The fight won’t be easy. November 2nd is not the end of the war. It is merely an opening skirmish, now that the forces for good have been roused from their slumber. But we slumber no more. The Silent Majority is no more. We’ve become the Vocal Majority – thanks to Jessica Puente-Bradshaw and millions of others just like her. Jessica, I salute you! You are ahead of the curve and I am proud to call you my friend.

Is This the Exciting New News from the DNC?

So CNN reported that DNC Chairman, Time Kaine, plans to make a major announcement on Wednesday.

The source tells CNN that Kaine will announce something that will excite Democrats across the country. Kaine’s event comes as Democrats face the difficult task of holding onto their majorities in the House and Senate this November.

Did Nancy let the cat out of the bag with this announcement about “Make it in America”?:

“It’s about three things, about making a distinction between Democrats and Republicans. We’re for preserving Social Security, tax cuts for the middle-class, and ‘Making it in America.’ I salute our distinguished Majority Leader for his leadership. ‘Make it in America’— not only to manufacture it in America but also to enable Americans to make it in America. Preserve Social Security, tax cuts for the middle class, ‘Make it in America’— as contrasted with the Republicans who want to privatize Social Security, tax cuts for the wealthy, and send jobs overseas.

Will this be another protectionist move that will certainly isolate the U.S. in the global economy?  Or just a bunch of fanfare to hopefully ignite the liberal voting block before November?  I’m fairly certain it’s the later considering the source.

DNC Logo

*Update* .. LOL no, this wasn’t even close.. the DNC news was much more lame – a new logo.  Wow.  The Tea Party will be organizing and uniting against .. an image.

That’s not only sad .. but illustrative of how out-of-touch the DNC is with Americans.  We didn’t need health care reform.  We certainly didn’t need the craptastic finance reform, and stimulus?  Fuh-get-aboudet.

Tea Party Candidate Upsets the Establishment and Other Primary Results

Tea Party Candidates upset GOP in September PrimariesChristine O’Donnell defeated Mike Castle in the Delaware primary and as politico reported, the Republican party could not be more unhappy.

“I’m sad to say the Delaware primary results tonight are straight out of Harry Reid’s dream journal,” said prominent Republican strategist Mike Murphy of the O’Donnell win.

Washington Post opinion author, Ruth Marcus was so distressed by O’Donnell’s win she threw this post together last night.

The Delaware result might be good news for both Tea Partyers and Democrats. It is not good news for the cause of good government.

An ungracious Castle will not be giving his endorsement to O’Donnell as The Hill reported:

A Rep. Mike Castle (R-Del.) campaign source confirmed to The Hill late Tuesday that the longtime congressman will not be endorsing Christine O’Donnell.

Doesn’t the Grand Old Party get it?  Apparently not.  Last night Karl Rove just came right out and said it on Sean Hannity’s show last night.  In this video he flat out calls her unelectable and says that he “.. met her and frankly wasn’t impressed”.

Finally, this afternoon .. things changed.  The GOP finally realized that O’Donnell is not only a primary winner, but a good candidate for that Senate seat.  Independents are NOT going to go left of the middle .. not after the intrusive, over-spending, reckless policies of the Obama administration.  After Infighting, GOP Establishment Pledges to Back O’Donnell

Another Conservative vs. GOP race was held in the N.Y. Gubernatorial primary.  Rick Lazio (R) was defeated by the Tea Party’s candidate, Carl Paladino – handing yet another loss to the establishment.

In New Hampshire, as CNN reported, not everything went the Tea Party’s way.

..conservative candidate Ovide Lamontagne saw an early lead vanish in his bid to upset former state Attorney General Kelly Ayotte, the candidate favored by establishment Republicans. The winner will run in November to succeed retiring Republican Sen. Judd Gregg.

Lamontagne did hold an early lead and finished with a respectable 37.4% of the vote as compared to Ayotte’s 38.2% which demonstrates the Tea Party’s strength even in a loss.

Charles Rangel managed to pull more than 50% of the vote in his bid for re-election in New York’s 15th district primary.  Apparently, corruption re-elects and absolute corruption re-elects absolutely.

Tsarina Michelle, I Don’t Like Carrots Much

If it wasn’t bad enough that the real Obarrassment was destroying free choice and individual freedom, his wife has taken on another who segment of our lives – food.

We are admonished for making too much money, taxed out of smoking cigarettes, discouraged from drinking alcohol (although we clearly need it in this political climate), and now.. forced to eat carrots.

Tsarina Michele is now saying, “let them eat carrots”.  We are in the middle of the worst economy in decades and she’s worried that we aren’t eating our veggies.

Michelle Obamma made the case that we should all be forced to eat more healthy.  What does that mean?

Well healthy according to Queen/Goddess Obama is:

  • No French fries with burgers
  • No burgers
  • No meat
  • wait .. so no steaks or ribs?  Brisket or shoulders?
  • What about beans ( I remember a childhood saying about how good for my heart that they are) – ok.. we get to keep the beans

The first lady goes on to discuss how awful it is that we go out to eat.  While, as a frugal, fiscal Conservative I do not go out that often – when I do .. if something didn’t die to complete my plate .. I’m not interested.  If it doesn’t sound incredibly appealing . I am not paying for it.  I like meat and if I am going out for meat .. I don’t want it Politically Corrected.  So Michelle can keep her apple wedge sides and tomato juice appetizers – I’ll just have to stop going to small business-owned restaurants and eat unhealthy at home.

This spousal pair of short-bus rejects has managed to take over manufacturing, banking, student loan finance .. you name it.  NOT ONE of their policies has improved the lives of Americans.  GM has an overpriced, undesirable electric boondoggle of a car, health care insurers have to raise premiums to deal with the cost increases from Obamacare, and now Bank of America is having to push new fees on its customers due to the wall street reform disaster .. at what point do you think following them will do you any good?  The Micky D’s $1 menu will be replaced by a fruit basket.  Buffalo wings will be outlawed, and ribs .. forget it.  Wake up or prepare for a vegetarian lifestyle.  Then again, after the Obarrassments ruined every other segment of our economy, maybe this is just a shot at completing the flush.

To quote Monica Crowley from this morning’s Red Eye, “Michelle and Barrack Obama .. get the hell out of my lunch!”

Between the Lines of Obama’s Welcome Back To School Speech

Today Obama welcomed students back to school via a nationwide broadcast from Julia R. Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School, a 2010 National Blue Ribbon School in Philadelphia. Masterman is a magnet school, attended by the daughter of Philly’s Mayor, Michael Nutter.

It is interesting that he chose a magnet school, where nearly all of the students are not only on track to graduate with excellent grades, but to attend good colleges. Though the text of the President’s speech was much a repeat of last year’s mantra to stay in school and work hard, but reading between the lines this year says much more than ever before:

Obama managed to steer clear of partisan politics, but he had no qualms at all about mentioning war, the recession and our children’s role in working hard to help America succeed. If you listened in, perhaps you heard some of what I heard.

His praise of Masterman and its hardworking students and his mantra that “Your future is in your hands. Your life is what you make of it. And nothing – absolutely nothing – is beyond your reach. So long as you’re willing to dream big. So long as you’re willing to work hard.” was an inspiring lead in to a mention of our world wide competition for excellence. He, of course, never mentions that he doesn’t think that America is exceptional, no matter how hard our citizens work.

He tells these children that hard work is essential for success, but doesn’t tell them that their success will bring about demonizing and targeting by those in lower classes at the behest of his Administration and those who believe that the successful are obligated to support the not so successful. He encourages giving to the community without telling them that they will be mandated to do so via bailouts, exploding entitlement programs and mandatory product purchases. He inspires by saying he will speak at their commencement if they prove they are the kind of class that can work hard, prepare for college and career and give back to community and country but doesn’t tell them that there are no jobs to be had and that his own economic advisor says they are not coming back any time soon.

Finally, our President tells these children and their gathered teachers, parents and administrators in this cream of the crop school, that while we need to take responsibility for ourselves, we must also take responsibility for others and help others reach their potential.  He says that America is a country that gives each of its sons and daughters the same chance to succeed, but he doesn’t tell them that the hard work he is pushing them to do will benefit those who don’t care about that opportunity, those who are not sons or daughters of America, and gain them nothing more than the government thinks they should have. America will succeed in the 21st century with their continued hard work, absolutely, but will they? At what cost?

I am glad I kept my kids home.

Ironically, this is from a Philly Food Stamp Service Ad.

Not Looking Good for the Home Team

Today’s headlines are filled with news that points to more economic hardship, government intrusion and general trouble for the White House.

DOJ inspector general launches probe into voting rights division

Gallup: Hey, Republicans are back up 5

If these trends continue, Republicans could gain 60 seats in the House

Big Sis To Get Expanded Role In Policing Internet…

Boehner Fires Back at White House Over Tax Hikes…

Monitizing the Debt: A Gold Rush

Obama Hijacked the Economy

The man up and vanished like a fart in the wind!- Warden Norton

Kind of like his wedding ring. It’s missing from Obama’s finger? Where could it have gone? My guess is that some Saudi prince stepped on Barry’s hand during one of his deep bows and bent it out of round. Eventually it will be found – by Gollum. One Ring to Rule themThe question of the day is…does Obama have a “Ring Repair Czar” in his regime? So what exactly is getting repaired? – The ring or the marriage? Surely it’s not the economy! Hopefully he’s not using the same people to fix that ring that were supposed to repair the economy. That piece of jewelry must be in terrible shape. You know, playing golf is tough on a wedding ring. We’re right back where we started from – where is “Obama’s Circle of Love?” My guess is that Barry is bent over, trying to get his head out of it! He lost the ring. Do we not hear the colossal sucking noise every time he opens his mouth? He’s sure to find it in about another 24 hrs or so.

All joking aside, it isn’t that Obama’s ring has vanished – it’s his electoral coalition that has simply dropped off the face of the earth. That coalition, which Obama rode into power just a scant 20 months ago, has gone the way of the BP oil leak. Everybody knows the oil/voters are still there…somewhere. But they just can’t find it/them. I just have to digress. Having brought up the BP oil leak, this paragraph is literally begging for a Slick Willie joke. Here are a couple of gems from Frank B. Wylde…”The polls show that, if he wasn’t term-limited, in 2012 Slick Willy could be president again. I don’t want to say it could be a rough economy but I just saw a squirrel bury four acorns and a can of sterno.” Finally, in his high school year book, Slick Willy was chosen as the “Boy Most Likely To.” Now, it wouldn’t be fair to tell a couple of Slick Willie jokes without presenting a reciprocal joke about the spouse. So, “Hillary has always been spouting off at the mouth. Until she was 6 months old, her parents were diapering the wrong end!”

It really is difficult to write a column about Obama when my editorial discipline goes out the window – like right about now. I remember Mrs. McCoy, teaching me English in high school back during the Ming dynasty – “Now remember, Polar, each paragraph needs a topic sentence, and every other sentence in the paragraph needs to relate back to the topic sentence.” The above paragraph doesn’t even come close to meeting that standard. I can’t help it, Mrs. McCoy. I started out trying to give a professional analysis of Obama’s magically disappearing voter base, and I wound up revealing that Hillary’s parents were slapping Pampers® on her flapping gums. Hillary ClintonThen there was the time Hillary comes home one day to find Slick Willy in bed with a midget. Her face becomes contorted (more than it usually is) when she screams “You promised you’d never cheat on me again.” Slick Willy innocently looks up at her and replies “Can’t you see I’m trying to taper off?” I’m sure glad I escaped from that high school English class. Mrs. McCoy would have grabbed my ears and screwed me into the blackboard for the disjointed way I’m writing this column. What’s the matter, Mrs. McCoy, you think I’m like Slick Willie? No class and no principles?

In all honesty, I truly feel sorry for Mrs. McCoy. Unlike Obama, she truly is a victim in every sense of the word. One day she was my teacher, and the next, she up and disappeared like a fart in the wind. And I don’t blame her. It all started with United Airlines Flight 855, which on the night of April 7, 1972, was a Boeing 727 enroute from Newark, New Jersey to Los Angeles, Crackifornia. The plane had been airborne for about 20 minutes when a stewardess (it was still politically correct to call them stewardesses back in those days) noticed one of the passengers, the heretofore law-abiding spouse of one Mrs. McCoy – holding a hand grenade. It wasn’t long before he was also observed holding a pistol, too. Hijackings being somewhat interesting in terms of itinerary, crew and passengers soon learned that they would be making an unscheduled stop in the City by the Bay. Conveniently located on the tarmac was $500,000 in cash and four parachutes. It’s amazing what you can order via room service these days. Once on the ground in Crackifornia, Mr. Richard McCoy obliged the ground crew by giving them his baggage check and had them deliver his luggage to the cabin compartment. I tell you, room service was really great back then! The aircraft took off again, heading east. I’m a little hazy on this point, but I believe McCoy proceeded to toss the parachutes out into the night sky somewhere over the great state of Nevada – which has the immense distinction of being one of only two states upon which the U.S. Government has seen fit to detonate nuclear weapons. It must feel great to be special! Anyway, back to the story. The aircraft then proceeded into Utah. West of Provo, Utah, Mr. McCoy opened up his luggage, produced his own parachute, and proceeded to disembark the aircraft through the rear door. The theory is that McCoy suspected the FBI had planted homing devices in the government-supplied parachutes. I suppose there were scads of federal agents engaged in a wild goose chase somewhere around Winnemucca, Nevada that night.

Now the story became personally interesting. McCoy jumped from the plane about 10:30 p.m. An hour later, a hamburger stand clerk sold him a milkshake. Seven hours after that a super secret FBI agent guy dialed the telephone number for MY house! Dad answered the phone. “Uh huh, okay. How high? – Direction? – Speed? – Wind direction and speed?” Dad (a mathematical genius whose physique is similar to a brain with legs) constructed an equation in his head and spit the answer back at Dick Tracy. After giving Dick the answer, Dad said, “didn’t they teach you Algebra in college? And one other thing, the answer won’t do you any good.” Dick Tracy, who had been asking where McCoy could have landed, was stunned. “Why not?” he queried. “Because,” replied Dad, in a tone like he was lecturing a freshman in a remedial math appreciation course, “It happened eight hours ago. He could be in Vegas by now!” Fact of the matter was that McCoy was a helicopter pilot in the Utah Air National Guard. Rumor had it that he was in the air at the very moment, scouring the west Utah desert looking for himself. He didn’t find himself there, no matter how hard he looked! What a waste of good aviation fuel. A few days later he was arrested with $499,970 in his possession. Now I ask you, who charges $30 for a freaking milkshake! Anyway, I never did see Mrs. McCoy again. And none of us are scheduled to see Richard again until 2017.

It always amazes me how Obama’s life parallels that of crooks. Now why could that be? Let’s see…McCoy demanded and got half a million. He was thinking small potatoes. Obama demanded, and got, trillions. McCoy was in the Air National Guard. Obama commands the world’s funkiest Air Force. Obama also goes on vacation in his own private Boeing 747 – complete with room service and parachutes if he really wants one. McCoy got a free trip to San Francisco. Barry and Michelle have had free trips to Europe to pick up an unearned Nobel Peace Prize. A trip to Spain was also booked so that Michelle could observe the locals walking around in fluffy pants just like the ones worn by Francisco Pizarro when he beat up on the Aztecs – which was a surprise since Pizarro captained the visiting team – So much for home field advantage. Other memorable flights have included vacations in Panama City, Chicago, Martha’s Vineyard, and Cleveland (doesn’t everybody grow up dreaming of living it up in Cleveland?) McCoy fell through the air. Obama’s popularity has also taken a nose dive. McCoy apparently spent $30 for a large milkshake. Obama bought shrimp on the public’s dime. McCoy demanded a right turn – heading to San Francisco. Obama demanded a left turn – heading for disaster. Dick Tracy called my dad. Obama…CRAP! My analogy just fell apart! Such is life – but you get the picture. Knowing Dad, he’s probably thrilled out of his gourd that Obama has never called him. Dad’s favorite swear word is Jackass. I’m sure he’s used it on numerous occasions to describe Obama. Speaking of a Jackass, I read just now that Newt Gingrich is saying that Obama’s world view is based on Kenyan colonial plantation politics, which is so out of touch with reality that he judges Obama to be “factually insane.” I’ve had my disagreements with Gingrich in the past, can anybody spell Scozzafava? But on this issue, you nailed it Newt!

You feel you’ve been rehabilitated? – Parole Board Chairman

Oh, yes sir. Absolutely, sir. Yeah, I’ve learned my lesson. I can honestly say that I’m a changed man. I’m no longer a danger to society. That’s the God’s honest truth. – Red

No Barry. You are not rehabilitated. You are not a changed man. You remain a danger to society. Barry has invented a new antiperspirant – unemployment! We not only have that, but Barry promises unemployment offices with valet parking! I have it on good authority that Barry once asked his own high school English teacher, “If George Washington never told a lie, HOW did he become president?” I gotta admit, Barry is no cheap politician. He’s cost us a fortune. And Barry is happy to stand on his record. That way, nobody can see it. In fact, Barry fits the classic definition of a communist. He has nothing and wants to share it with us!

Dumas. Ever read it? You’ll like that one, Heywood. It’s about a jailbreak. – Andy Dufresne

Jailbreak? Maybe we ought to file that one under ‘Educational’ too. – Red

Too bad Obama didn’t write “The Count of Monte Cristo.” I sure would have had a lot of fun writing jokes about President Alexander Dumbass. To his sneaky credit, Obama has, of late, been trying somewhat half-heartedly to reinvent himself as a moderate. He’s been preaching religious tolerance. And he refrained from calling Kanye West a jackass again at last weekend’s VMA Awards. No word yet on what Kanye called Obama. With Obama it is all about perception, not reality. Obama must really be lapping it up now that John Boehner is dangling the idea that he might vote for bringing back higher tax rates for the “rich.” But what was triangulation for Bill Clinton and Dick Morris, is simply strangulation for Barack Obama. Obama’s heart just isn’t into it. We are witnessing the weakest attempt at triangulation that national politics has ever known. Obama is a communist with a small “c”. If I ever discover that it is really a big “C” I’ll make sure you heard it here first. Obama just can’t put any sincerity into his measly attempt to look reasonable. He’s a communist ideologue now and forevermore. He ain’t foolin’ nobody no moe’.

Making yourself some friends, Andy? – Red

I wouldn’t say ‘friends’. I’m a convicted murderer who provides sound financial planning. – Andy Dufresne

Obama can’t even keep up with a convicted murderer. At least Andy provided sound financial planning. Given Obama’s fiscal track record, the entire world knows that Obama can’t do the same. Andy provided a prison guard the option of sending his kids to Harvard or Yale. Obama is giving us the option of the poor house or the poor house. “I’ll take what’s behind Door Number 2, Barry!” This is the poor house, just like what is behind Obama’s Door Number 1 and Door Number 3.

Why are you called Red? – Andy Dufresne

Maybe ’cause I’m Irish – Red

Obamism: A philosophy based on false premises and promoted – by liars – to the ignorant. How can you be so obtuse, Obama? You’re not Irish. And there are doubts that you are even American. Don’t blame us for thinking that, Barry. You’re the one spending zillions of dollars in an effort to hide your past: school transcripts, birth certificates, passport information, employment records, and information at the fish hatchery where you were allegedly spawned. Or was that the hen house where you were allegedly hatched? Red, your name says it all. You’re red, as in Karl Marx, as in Chairman Mao, as in Fidel Castro, as in Van Jones, as in Michelle.

It is quite interesting, and the oldest play in the playbook, that Obama’s minions seek to discredit those who question Obama’s citizenship. Derisively calling doubters of Obama’s legitimate citizenry “birthers,” the minions seek to deflect attention from the real issue at hand. The minions figure they might as well kill two birds with one stone – ridicule the observant citizens while simultaneously taking attention away from the real issue. Even Obama gets into the act, mocking those asking for proof of his citizenship, saying he can’t walk around every day with his birth certificate stapled to his forehead. We agree, Obama. Just one day with it glued up there would be sufficient. Think you can work it into your schedule? – Didn’t think so.

His judgment cometh, and that right soon – Embroidered sign in Warden Norton’s office.

Judgment is coming in less than two months. The people will be judging Obama but it will be the congressional Democrats who will pay the piper. And the congressional Democrats are running scared. Pass the popcorn; this is making for great theater. Now some Democrats are actually challenging Nancy Pelosi on the repeal of the Bush tax cuts. They are demanding the continuation of the tax cuts. It is hilarious. The Democrats spend years mocking trickle-down economics…but when the chips are down, there they are, trying to save their sorry rear ends by demanding what they know in their hearts to be something that really works.  Steve Martin once said that comedy isn’t always pretty. Yeah, and sometimes, Steve, it’s freaking’ beautiful! The Democrats are in full panic mode. The oceans are receding. The birds are chirping, and the American People are about to teach Obama the biggest lesson of his life. We’re not collectively holding our breath – but if Obama promises to be good next year, maybe Santa will give him a clue for Christmas.

Barry, November 2nd won’t even feel like Thanksgiving to you. But it sure will feel like Christmas to the rest of us. There’s nothing like the present, all tied up in a nice little bow. Perhaps Chris Matthews will even get some tinsel down his leg! Just one last thing, Obama – We would never compare you to a dog. We prefer to think of you as a flounder.

AARP Alternative, Alliance for Retirement Prosperity, to Launch Wednesday

In a press release Monday, the Alliance for Retirement Prosperity announced that it would be announcing the “Conservative Alternative to AARP” on September 15th.

The Alliance offers seniors and boomers a greater choice of products and services, bigger discounts and lower prices than AARP; plus a conservative political philosophy and agenda that will go head to head with AARP’s liberalism in Washington, DC.”– Alliance for Retirement Prosperity Association president Lawrence A. Hunter

Washington, D.C.The Alliance for Retirement Prosperity Association ( today announced that it will officially launch on September 15, providing seniors and Baby Boomers nationwide, “a true conservative alternative to AARP’s leftwing agenda.”

According to Alliance president, Dr. Lawrence Hunter, “The Alliance will offer seniors more discounts on a wider range of higher quality products and services, along with lower prices and superior customer service than its competitor AARP.”

Alliance for Retirement ProsperityPlus,” Hunter added, “the Alliance also will provide a powerful and effective alternative for seniors and Boomers across the country who are sick and tired of watching AARP spend their hard-earned money on its hard-left agenda.”

The Alliance, a for-profit membership association, intends to segment the market by targeting politically moderate-to-conservative consumers who have become disaffected with AARP. But the new association also plans to appeal to the 80 percent of Americans in the 50+ market place who are not currently affiliated with AARP.

In a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, Hunter criticized AARP’s endorsement of President Obama’s healthcare makeover, calling it a “betrayal of their members.” Wrote Hunter, “ObamaCare guts Medicare with drastic reductions in doctor and hospital reimbursements that will create havoc and chaos in health care for seniors.”

The Hunter op-ed continued, “The president’s concept of spreading the wealth includes sacking the Medicare system, on which America’s seniors have come to rely for medical care, in favor of others the president’s progressive vision deems more worthy. The president’s pledge that ‘If you like your health plan, you will be able to keep it’ clearly does not apply to America’s seniors.”

Hunter was even more critical of AARP in a New York Daily News commentary taking the controversial group to task for, “selling out seniors in a crass effort to feather its own corporate nest by supporting the draconian cuts to Medicare in order to stimulate demand for its lucrative Medigap supplemental insurance polices that pick up where Medicare leaves off.”

Pelosi Out-of-site, but not Out-of-Mind

As of late, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been out of the public eye.  She has been a money-raising and organizational powerhouse in the past, so why the disappearing act?  First, it appears as though her brethren are envisioning a Pelosi-less world.

Dems plan  for a future without Pelosi

For House Democrats, planning for a future without Nancy Pelosi is neither pleasant nor easy.

But as the polls worsen and a Republican-controlled House looks more and more possible, Democrats are beginning to realize they face a top to bottom leadership shakeup if the powerful speaker steps aside in a Democratic minority…

Then we see that her and Obama have something in common – their following .. might no longer be following them.

Dems challenge Pelosi on Taxes

Red-district Democrats are pressuring Speaker Nancy Pelosi to extend Bush-era income tax rates for all brackets, revealing a high-stakes rift between the party’s vulnerable moderates and its safe liberals as the issue increasingly dominates the national debate.

Perhaps she took all the money she got from lobbyists and went on string of Obama-like vacations.  She “..took in twice as much lobbyist cash as Boehner

The White House eagerly tweeted the link to a New York Times hit piece on John Boehner that accused him of taking in loads of lobbyist cash.  They called his connections to lobbyists “especially deep” — but not, apparently, if one compares them to current Democratic leadership in both the House and Senate.

Now I find that even a RNC-created video that compares Nancy to James Bond’s “Pussy Galore” has gone missing as the original poster seems to have yanked it from  So you’ll have to live with crying about it instead.

Then again .. maybe this video depicting Nancy Pelosi as the wicked witch hints at where she went..

If it only took just a bucket of water .. ah well .. while finding Nancy seems to be tough .. I can see November from here.

Getting to Know B.J. Lawson

I am going to let the video speak for itself.  Mr. Lawson is a small-government, strong-border, free-market Conservative.  Sure, he’s got the GOP label on him, but that doesn’t define him.  Listen, learn and support if you can.

A few more links so you can get to know the Representative you wish you had:

And this video: “E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One”

Obama Losing Environmentalist Following

President Obama ran on an environment platform: green jobs, cap-and-trade, and renewable energy.  His constant droning about it during the 2008 election garnered the support of the far left-wing environmental movement, but his actions of-late .. not so much.

First we find the Obarrassment in trouble because he said ‘no’ to solar panels on the White House roof despite the personal plea of a group of environmentalists at the White House.

Then President Obama decided that green jobs need not be in Stimulus II

Of course we couldn’t leave out the vacations.  There was the personal jet service for the First Dog and then the Obamas flew the White House Chef 860 miles to deliver .. pizza

The administrations Solicitor General carried the false flag forward by reversing past environmental Presidential stances on nuisance law suits for carbon emissions.

Then again, all this new news .. might be old news as Time Magazine asked last year “Is Obama’s Environmental Agenda Losing Out?

The Ultimate Scientific Experiment

Rich Mitchell’s inspirational commentary, The Left is Scared to Death of Religion, brings into focus the continuing attacks by the secular leftists on God and those who believe in God. These attacks took on a new twist recently when acclaimed British theoretical physicist and cosmologist Dr. Stephen Hawking entered the fray – proclaiming that God does not exist. From his teenage years in which he became a devoted fan of the atheist philosopher and mathematician Bertrand Russell to his recent pronouncement that God doesn’t exist, Hawking has been steadfast in his opposition to the possibility that God is real. Attacks upon religion from Hawking are dangerous in that people may be swayed by his prominence in the field of science – not taking into account that he is far from being an authority on God.

I beg to differ with Hawking’s contention. Unlike Hawking, I am no scientist. However, my father is a scientist and a professor emeritus of mathematics. Now 90 years old, my father is also a man of deep faith. He taught me from my youth that there is no conflict between true religion and true science. The defense of religion I present here is a melding of my own insights and my father’s teachings. Knowing Dad as I do, I’d put him up against Hawking any day of the week.

An Appeal to Authority

Logic is a sterile science. It creates nothing new. However, it is useful for evaluating arguments from other disciplines. There are many fallacious arguments which have been identified by logic – basically arguments that don’t hold water. One form of a logical fallacy is the Appeal to Authority. In the matter of Hawking versus God, this fallacy takes the following form:

Hawking claims to be an authority on the subject of religion.
Hawking makes the claim that God does not exist, which is a claim concerning religion.
Therefore, God does not exist.

Hawking’s only problem with his pronouncement concerning the existence of God is that he is not an authority on the subject of religion. It is a common error to believe that just because a person is an authority in one subject area (theoretical physics/cosmology) means that he is an expert in another area (religion). This simply is not true. Hawking is no more an expert in the subject of religion than I am in the subject area of brain surgery. So don’t ask me to remove your brain tumors and don’t rely on the atheistic Hawking for the final word on the question of God’s existence.

Survival of the Fittest

The secular left would have us believe that the race of men evolved, rather than accept the Christian point of view that God brought forth life on this planet. The secular evolutionists love to quote Herbert Spencer and Charles Darwin on the subject of Survival of the Fittest, or natural selection. Natural selection, as defined by Spencer, is “the preservation of favored races in the struggle for life.” Darwin intended for Natural Selection to be used as a metaphor for “better adapted for immediate, local environment”, instead of the common inference of “in the best physical shape.”

Let’s suppose there exists a physical specimen that is not “better adapted” for the “immediate, local environment.” I can’t think of a better example than Hawking himself. Now let’s introduce a factor the secular left does not take into account, or, as Al Gore would say – an inconvenient truth. What secular science does not take into account is the fact that mankind exhibits the capacity to love one another. Love, compassion, empathy, philanthropy, and selfless service fly in the face of Natural Selection. Unable to provide for even the most basic of his own needs required for survival, Hawking would no longer be with us unless someone, or probably multiple some ones, had not loved him and provided for his needs through countless acts of human kindness. By all rights, specimens in his condition should have died off long ago. However, there are people throughout the world in similar dire straits to Hawking. These disabled, disadvantaged, and in many cases, barely breathing or even nearly brain dead people are still alive. Some of these people actually reproduce, passing on genetic traits that should be naturally deselected according to the theories of Spencer and Darwin. And why aren’t they deselected out? It’s simple, really – because someone loves them. And somewhere, in the deep recesses of my mind lurks the thought that, just perhaps, love has a religious origin.

The Scientific Method

A common argument we hear from the secular left is that science is more intellectually rigorous than religion. Science, they claim, allows for a thorough and dispassionate examination of the facts, while religion is more akin to voodoo science. Nothing could be further from the truth. Both religion and science are based on foundational principles. In the case of religion the first principle is faith. Let’s examine science and discover the first principle of science.

When preparing to perform a scientific experiment, the scientist formulates a set of axioms. These axioms are merely propositions that have not been proved (this is a key point). Upon closer examination the scientist may make the determination that the axioms are not sufficient. Therefore, he breaks them down into more basic elements. In essence, he is going in the negative direction. This process continues, breaking down the axioms into ever more granular pieces, again, and again, and yet again.


But if the scientist ever wants to be able to perform his experiment (move in the positive direction), at some point he has to first stop moving in the negative direction. Now comes the dirty little secret of science, something the secularists would rather you not know. What’s the secret? In order to stop moving in the negative direction the scientist has to accept his axioms on faith! So, despite the protestations of the secular left, the First Principle of Science is exactly the same as the First Principle of Religion – Faith!

The Spiritual Laws of Motion

Sir Isaac Newton gave us the three Laws of Motion. Here in the physical world, I would classify them as temporal laws – laws pertaining to this mortal existence in which we find ourselves. But God is a spiritual being. I contend that to God, all things are spiritual in nature… “For we know that the law is spiritual…” (Romans 7: 14). So a lifetime of examining the physical laws of the universe has given Hawking knowledge of God’s physical laws – but Hawking has missed the point that these physical laws have their spiritual equivalents. Let’s examine the spiritual laws of motion:

An object at rest will remain at rest unless acted on by an external force. An object in motion continues in motion with the same speed and in the same direction unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

Do you recall that famous picture of Jesus Christ – the one where he is knocking at the door?

Jesus knocking at the door

For the benefit of our progressive friends, the symbolism is that Christ is knocking on the door of our heart. If you look closely at the painting you will notice there is no door knob or door handle on Christ’s side of the door. You see, Christ doesn’t force the door open. That choice belongs to us. He knocks, he begs, he pleads, he cajoles, but he never forces. He is an external force acting upon us – we who are at rest. But, despite the fact that the act of knocking constitutes an external stimulus to our souls, the decision to open the door remains with us. Christ provides the external stimulus, but we provide the resulting action.

Acceleration is produced when a force acts on a mass. The greater the mass (of the object being accelerated) the greater the amount of force needed (to accelerate the object).

Another way of saying this is that there are things that act, and things that are acted upon. Or, put yet another way, we can be proactive or reactive. We have the choice of how we respond to an external force. Forces are variable, for example, the spirit of God can whisper to our souls, or, like the Apostle Paul on the road to Damascus, the experience can be something much more dramatic. Likewise, having come into contact with an external stimulus, our response may be of any degree ranging from minuscule to great. The choice is ours. The external force is variable, and so is our response.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

We live in a world of opposites. For every Ronald Reagan there is a Barack Obama. Or, getting back to the religious symbolism, God can stretch forth his hand from Heaven and grasp our hands. But, in accordance to the laws of motion, if God were to forcibly pull us into Heaven, what would be the effect on God? That’s right; he would be pulled out of Heaven. And that’s not going to happen. That’s why you see Christ knocking on the doors of our hearts. He doesn’t force. The spiritual motion has to come from within us. Variable external forces are exerted against our souls, but it is our choice in what direction and to what extent, our resultant spiritual motion will be. The same is true of negative forces, hence my mention of Barack Obama. Obama uses his rhetorical skill to exert external force against the citizens of The United States of America. But his rhetoric doesn’t determine our response. That choice is up to us. And the majority of the citizenry of the United States have chosen action in an opposite reaction to Obama. Just look at the polls!

This short treatise on spiritual motion has been preparatory in nature. Keep reading to get the full effect.

Performing a Scientific Religious Experiment

I actually agree with the secular left on one point. There is a need for a scientific experiment that will determine the existence of God. Fortunately, we have one. God, in his wisdom, foresaw the day in which the secular left would deny his existence and demand proof that He lives. So he gave us an experiment to perform. He even gave us the axiom upon which this experiment is to be based. The experiment is found in the New Testament in James 1: 5. The axiom is presented one verse later in James 1: 6. And one verse later than that, God tells us that those of us who do not perform the experiment correctly will not get the result they are seeking. Let’s take it one verse at a time:

If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

It is a very simple experiment. All we have to do is pray, and in the course of our supplications, ask God if he exists, if he is real. We have been given a promise. Perform the experiment and the results will be provided – every time. Just do it.

But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.

Like all properly prepared scientific experiments, there is an axiom. In this case, the axiom is faith – the First Principle of both religion and science. Given that secularists put their trust in science, they should readily agree to this axiom. After all, faith is merely the First Principle of Science. However, in reality, we all know that the secular left can’t even be lead kicking and screaming into a condition of faith. God has a habit of not forcing people to believe in Him. He allows us free choice, free will, free agency. The choice is ours. The secular leftists are proud people, which is an insurmountable obstacle in getting to know God – “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.” (John 17:3). There is no escaping the condition (axiom) upon which the experiment must be performed. If you don’t exhibit true, sincere faith in God, you will not succeed in conducting a successful experiment. There are no short cuts. There are no workarounds.

For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord.

Quite simply, those that do not follow the condition upon which this experiment is based – the axiom – will not receive the desired result. The problem for the leftists is that they want to see the results (a sign) without being required to first follow the instructions (have faith). The leftists demand that God do things their way. Here’s one more inconvenient truth – the secular left isn’t allowed to dictate terms to God. It’s the other way around. Humility goes a long way in this type of experiment.

It is necessary to perform the experiment in order to obtain the result – but it is not sufficient. The axiom must also be applied. At that point compliance to the conditions of the experiment becomes sufficient. That is just the way it is – an inconvenient truth.

Getting to Know the Truth of the Matter

So, Professor Hawking, do you sincerely want to know the truth about whether God exists? You can know the truth if you really want to. But the spiritual motion has to come from within you. Nobody is going to force you into a relationship with your God. It’s your choice. It won’t be easy. It doesn’t come without effort. You will be buffeted by the godless and statist doctrines of Marx and Lenin on the one hand; and the knocking on the door of your heart, on the other. It is your choice in which direction you are going to move, and how much you move, and how fast you move. It is all up to you.

It is going to take courage to perform the experiment, Professor Hawking. The proper application of the axiom will require you to drop your secular, atheist mantra and replace it with faith in God – before you can even perform the experiment. And once you have developed the faith, you are then going to have to conduct the experiment. It will most likely require you to find yourself a place where you can be alone – away from the godless buffetings of negative external forces. Then you will have to humble yourself and ask God for the answer to the eternal question – Do you exist?

If you really desire to know the truth, it can be obtained. It won’t be easy. It means abandoning your progressive tenet of faith in science as the ultimate authority. You will have to become like those whom you despise – those whom have already performed the experiment – people of all denominations who have agreed to apply the axiom. They have the answer. Are you brave enough to honestly seek it yourself? The stakes are high – your eternity depends on the answer. And eternity is going to last a lot longer than the Obama Administration. Think about it.

If you discover for yourself that God exists, then your whole secular leftist, Marxist, Leninist, progressive, scientific, Hopey Changey, statist existence goes down the tubes. And then you will be faced with an entirely new dilemma – will you be true to the faith, knowledge, and truth you have just acquired? You think believers in God are weak? Think again, those exhibiting faith are the strongest people on earth.

Knowing science as you do, Professor Hawking, you understand the calculus that the concept of infinity is real. And you understand the concept that some infinities are subsets of other infinities. If you are ready to explore the infinite to the nth degree, perform the experiment. It will change your life.

Huffington Attacks Obama on Economy, but Misses the Mark

Middle Class Hurt By Obama's Economic Policies

photo credit: Art By Steve Johnson

Arianna Huffington may have gone off the reservation.  In her article titled “Obama Insists He Made ‘The Right Decisions’ on the Economy – The Struggling Middle Class Begs to Differ”, Arianna tells it like it is:

In his otherwise excellent speech in Cleveland on Wednesday, the president showed that, when it comes to the plight of the middle class, he still doesn’t get it.

When she, or anyone else criticizes our tzar-in-chief for his absolute bungling of the economy, I have no problem piling on a mile high.  So when Arianna lit into that odd cross of Alfred E. Newman, Karl Marx, and the wacky professor, one might expect the usual “Shock and DUH!!” tweet from me.  As I read further I had a change of heart.  This rated a blog post.

Has Arianna come over to the good side of the force?  Had she and Castro been afflicted by simultaneous cathartic epiphanies on economic policy?  Might Wile E. Coyote finally catch the roadrunner?  Uh .. no.  As the article continues, something evil oozes out of the third paragraph (emphasis mine)

But the problem isn’t that his economic policies have been slow to succeed or [have been] unpopular — it’s that they have been inadequate given the magnitude of the crisis.

Huffington’s rant is that the Obarrasment hasn’t done enough to the economy.  What might she have the chief dork do:

  • Stimulus II: Attack of the 50 foot deficit
  • The really really new deal 2.1 service pack 3
  • Cash for who knows what
  • Bailouts for out-of-work liberal congressmen
  • A budget line-item for SEIU (non-discretionary spending of course)

The idea that Obama is failing because he hasn’t done enough is exactly wrong.  His Keynesian garbage is sending us into the crapper.  Had we followed a Conservative approach, there would have been no stimulus and no new massive (that’s massive.. spelled with a TRILLION FRICKEN DOLLARS)  entitlement programs, no cash for clunkers.. I could go on but I just ate.

This ham-handed approach to a recovery has done nothing to fix the economy and is in fact just slightly deflating one bubble while letting others over-inflate. Bubbles that instead should have been allowed to burst.  Yes, I know .. weathering the original crash would have been painful, but instead, we’re bleeding-out slowly waiting for the inevitable beheading that’s coming when we run out of places to juggle the bubbles.

Obama’s actions haven’t been inadequate – they’ve been immensly heavy-handed, ill-thought, and based on economic and social policies that have failed every place they’ve been tried.

Koran Burning Gone Wild

Days ago, Terry Jones said he would host a Koran burning party on 9-11.  Then he changed his mind, then he changed it again – we think.  Now, others are considering burning the Muslim holy book while Muslims push back:

2 Tennessee Men Burn Quran Despite Protest

Springfield Pastor Plans To Burn Quran

Westboro Baptist Church to burn Qurans if Dove doesn’t

Protester plans to burn Quran on [Wyoming] Capitol steps

Thousands protest Koran burning plan in Afghan north

Burn the Koran pastor flies to New York for 9/11

Koran bonfire on hold as heat begins to tell

Media outside pastor’s home finally snaps: “You’re just using us! We should all leave!”

Exciting new media angle to Koran-burning story: Pastor went to high school with Rush Limbaugh

Liberal Brats are the Wurst

It must have been the spinning disco ball – or perhaps the flashing lights, or even the pulsating rhythm of the Bee Gees grinding out “Staying Alive.” Whatever it was, it was strong enough to send the hip 20-something crashing to the dance floor, knocked out like a crazed sex poodle. Someone dialed 9-1-1. Paramedics arrived shortly thereafter, and began life support procedures, but were unable to revive the young man. Fearing the worst (or perhaps the wurst, you’ll see what I mean), an ambulance crew rushed the comatose disco dancer to the nearest emergency room. Upon arrival at the hospital, a close inspection revealed that the man was wearing a pair of leather pants that were so tight-fitting that it may as well have been painted on. Try as they might, the nursing staff couldn’t get those pants off – it was obvious to all concerned that the pants were restricting blood flow – those trousers had to be removed – and quick. In desperation, a member of the medical team pulled out a pair of surgical scissors and literally cut the cowhide off the patient’s groinal (I’ve been waiting all my life for an opportunity to use that word!) region. With blood flow restored, the patient began to revive. Meanwhile, the nursing staff continued cutting leather – proceeding down the thighs. It was then that this obscure emergency room visit made local medical history. The pants removal procedure revealed a giant, and delicious, salami had been stuffed down the patient’s leg – in an obvious attempt to enhance the appearance of the guy’s supposed virility. Like I said before, it was the wurst thing that could have possibly happened to the poor fellow. Now that he’s lost his sausage, I would venture a guess he’s lost a couple of dates, too.

It’s the perfect analogy to the situation the congressional Democrats find themselves in today. Having pranced around in pubic…uh, I mean public, showing off their new-found manhood after the 2008 elections, the Democrats, by all appearances, were destined for stardom. Talk of a 4th Reich abounded, with progressives planning for another crack at a 1,000 year rule. The Democrats held a devastating advantage in the U.S. Senate. There were only 41 Republicans still breathing, and some of those, like Olympia Snowe (R-ME), and Susan Collins (R-ME), were dedicated RINOs. Over on the House side, Queen Pelosi presided over a huge majority. It was the day the Democrats had lusted after for decades. They had just won the Triple Crown of politics: control of the House, control of the Senate, and had a liberal Democratic Administration to boot!  Those were the days, my friend; we thought they’d never end. We’d sing and dance forever and a day. La-La-La-La-La.

And then the bubble burst. Once impressed by the gigantic bulge in the Democrats’ pants, the public has finally cut away the leathers and seen for themselves that what they thought was the complete package, pun intended, was nothing more than a Harry Reid. Average Americans lost their infatuation with all things liberal. Perhaps it was ObamaCare – and seeing how sausages are really made, that turned the public off to the Democrats’ kielbasa. Or, perhaps it was the humongous stimulus package (pun intended), and the public decided pork sausage wasn’t for them. Maybe it was all the promised transparency that allowed the public to see that Democrats like Barney Frank weren’t exotic meats like chorizo riojano or lukanec. Rather, they finally figured out that Frank & Company were nothing more than common weenies. And they didn’t like what they saw. Pass the buns, please.

Milzwurst is a sausage made from spleens. And the Democrats sure have some major expleening to do. Like, how do they expleen their dramatic freefall in the polls? And what’s Pelosi’s expleenation for her failure to drain the swamp? And what’s with all the vacations? The Democrats are at a loss to convincingly expleen their failures. So they turn to the only thing they know. They blame Bush. They call us racists, and they denounce as homophobes all who question their moral authority.

Meanwhile, Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters face a slap on the wrist for their alleged misdeeds. But that’s nothing compared to Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX). Seems the esteemed Johnson is being accused of violating the rules of the Congressional Black Caucus (once again, pun intended) by directing scholarship money to her relatives. Of course, being the upstanding citizen that she is, Ms. Johnson has denied any wrongdoing. In fact, she claims she wasn’t even involved in selecting the scholarship recipients. And then the roof caved in. The Dallas Morning News has revealed allegations that Johnson not only knew who was getting the scholarship funds, but that she channeled the funds to her relatives. Oh, wait, there’s more! Evidence presented by The Dallas Morning News suggests she may well have personally intervened when she learned that the funds had been sent to the schools educating these young minds full of mush. Who knows what went on behind the scenes, but, according to The Dallas Morning News, scholarship funds already mailed to Texas Christian University (TCU), somehow got retrieved and new checks were cut – this time the funds bypassed the schools (allegedly) and went straight to the students, once again, allegedly. Those students must really be thankful for sausage. Cuz’ you know, everybody needs a Johnson.

Speaking of Johnsons, has anybody heard from Al Gore lately? It seems that crazed little sex poodle has simply dropped out of sight. Or maybe he just moved to Greenland and is melting his Johnson as that big island gets globally warmed. Think of the possibilities! Instead of a crazed sex poodle, we could end up with a crazed sex puddle on our hands. Naw, that can’t be it. Reliable sources tell us that Greenland isn’t melting after all. It was just another liberal environmental wacko theory. The walruses are safe, guys. But, like Al Gore, are still a little horny. Tusk, Tusk. Perhaps Al Gore will surface next week for the dedication ceremonies of the brand spanking new Carson-Gore Academy. Being the dedicated tree hugger that he is, Gore must be awfully proud of the fact that this school, named after him, was built on what amounted to a toxic waste dump. The dirty dirt has since been removed, but the Gore lives on in infamy. From ABC News:

“It’s unconscionable that this is condoned by environmental leaders,” said Jane Williams, the executive director of the non-profit environmental group California Communities Against Toxics. “I’d like to hear from Mr. Gore.”

“I’d like to hear about what he thinks about sending children to a school that’s been built on contaminated soil,” Williams said. “Silence is a form of condoning something like that.”

You can read the complete story here.

The midterm elections may very well prove to be all that’s needed to turn the congressional Democrats into kippered snacks. Smelling victory close at hand, the GOP is rubbing salt in the Democrats’ wounds, while simultaneously; Obama is hanging them out to dry. Check it out for yourself, that’s the perfect recipe for kippering your congressman.

Back in 1989, the company I worked for at the time was awarded a contract to do some engineering work for Snap-On-Tools. It’s a good company that makes great tools. Fortunately, for them, this story isn’t about the tool industry – well, not their kind of tools. I’m just setting the stage here. My good friend, Ron, got the call to travel to Kenosha, Wisconsin for preliminary work on the contract. When he returned to the office after his trip, he was turning purple with laughter about the goings on in the Dairy state. We’ve been discussing salami and Johnsons, so I can’t resist sharing this with you. And I’m sure I will somehow relate this story to the Democrats’ plight.

It seems some poor guy, name not released for obvious reasons, decided to play shade tree mechanic with his riding lawn mower. He put the beast up on concrete blocks, and then scooted underneath the mechanical monster to do who-knows-what. Well, the mower apparently slipped off the blocks and came crashing down on his Johnson – sliced it off clean!  Luckily for him it wasn’t a mulcher. Both he and his Johnson were rushed to the hospital, where surgeons, in a desperate attempt to keep Johnson in office, grafted that LBJ onto the man’s forearm – must have cost him a fortune in shirt alterations. After Ron finished telling the story, spittle spewing from his mouth, the joke around the office was that the guy obviously had a Snap-Off-Tool. Don’t believe me? Just read about it!

Well, the Democrats sure have sliced their collective Johnsons off since Obama took office, haven’t they!  They put the economy up on blocks with their socialist agenda and yet that darn economy somehow slipped off the blocks and mulched their Johnsons off right at their Bush tax cuts. Now the Main Stream Media is working furiously to reattach said severed liberal Johnsons to their congressional districts. It’s going to cost them a fortune in television ads. And that small fortune in attack ads isn’t going to matter at all. They are all going to end up like Haggis – stuffed.

So here we are post-Labor Day, when Obama announced he wanted another $50 billion stimulus so he can buy more porkulus sausage. Nobody knows yet if it will be maple-flavored. And guess what? Seems the Democrats don’t want any more of his doubled-down pig grindings. Doesn’t Obama get it? Voters don’t want his Johnson. They don’t want Harry’s Reid. And they don’t want Barney’s Frank. They want Johnsonville – now that’s some fine pork!

Obama is a one trick pony. All he knows is tax and spend. Congressional Democrats are just as dedicated as Obama to stupid economic theories, but they also know they’ve got first class tickets on the next train out of town. Their only chance of survival is for Obama to actually pass a conservative jobs bill by lowering taxes. Otherwise, they’re next for the sausage grinder – coming their way on November 2nd. But Obama, that one trick pony, will never deviate from his Porkulus II ghetto economics plan. It’s tantamount to throwing the congressional Democrats under the bus. There is no honor among thieves. Obama used the congressional Democrats for his own agenda. Now they’ve become expendable. Obama’s the Jackass and the congressional Democrats are his bung fodder. No matter how they grind it, the congressional Democrats know they are history – pawns in Obama’s tragic theater. Expect the wailing and gnashing of teeth to get louder and louder – reaching a crescendo on November 1st. They won’t go down without a sound. Pigs scream, too, when they’re butchered. November 2nd will be much quieter. Salami goes down smooth, any way you slice it.

The midterm elections should be delightful. The congressional Democrats are going to get their Johnsons sliced off. And, unlike that poor fellow back in Wisconsin, there won’t be skilled surgeons on hand to graft their Johnsons to another 2-year term. Would you believe it? There’s a graft shortage! Get over it already, Barney Frank. Turn the other cheek.

By the way, progressives, how do you like your Johnson? Grilled? Fried? Scorched? Fine. Do your wurst, congressional Democrats. You’re fired.

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