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4 thoughts on “Obama: Failure is thy Name

  1. randomguru

    It’s nice to read articles like this, where President Obama is considered a failure, yet he managed to win a 2nd term. So, you can’t say he failed at getting re-elected.

  2. jamesjensenfensen

    You are as dumb as dogs**t.
    Obama could easily be a republican. You americans are really stupid people – your politicians are an embarrassment. Your country’s f***d, finished, but not just because of Obama (although he hasn’t helped, but the things you accuse him of in this screed are ludicrous).

  3. Jane

    Who spends their unwanted time ridiculing the president…as if your word really means anything to the general pubilc.

  4. Josh Foster

    Your article is practically nothing but diatribe. You, sir, are a master rhetorician and sophist, and your article hypocritically suggests that it is your political enemy Obama who is guilty of these transgressions.

    Bush created the disaster we are experiencing, not Obama. The truth hurts, doesn’t it? You can’t rant or wish away those hard facts…

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