Lies and Sighs: Unemployment is NOT down

By | September 30, 2010

Weekly Unemployment Insurance Claims

Just a few weeks ago, I reported that unemployment has been the same since the beginning of the year.  SURPRISE:  it’s still the same, despite main-stream media reports that it has gone down.

How could I say such a thing?  How could I refute the media?  Why would they lie?

Actually, they aren’t really lying, just being deceitful.  Here is the graph from earlier this month.

You can clearly see that things have not changed, but that’s old news.  What if we add in last week’s and this weeks numbers?

Suprise!!  .. the same unemployment graph chart. Despite news outlets like Fox Business reporting that unemployment is down, it’s not.  If you look at the graph, the delta from Q1 to now is actually, GASP/SHOCK/STUNNED SUPRISE, up.  The government and media are selling a lie.  One the government needs to be true – the economy is improving.  They are hoping that by suckering you in to spending the money you have been using as a cushion against a secondary crash, things will improve.  They won’t.

Stifling new government regulations on healthcare, income, taxation .. business aren’t going to spend so the government is hoping your stupid enough to do it.  If they won’t take their hands out of your pockets, you’d better find ways to hide the money you normally keep there.

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