You Are No Longer Entitled to Prosperity

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0 thoughts on “You Are No Longer Entitled to Prosperity

  1. Ralph Musgrave

    MMT was not “developed in the 1920s”. The phrase wasn’t invented till well after World War II. It’s main advocate was Abba Lerner (a contemporary of Keynes).

    “MMT is a system in which the wealth creation of a nation is measured by government deficit spending rather than the goods or services sold for profit among its citizens.” Total rubbish. You haven’t a clue what you’re talking about.

    “While MMT has been in practice since long before the US abandoned the Gold Standard, it has recently been purposely employed as the current Administration’s fiscal policy.” Rubbish again. The advocates of MMT would be pleased as punch if the administration DID adopt MMT. Ask a sample of MMT advocates whether any government in the world has yet adopted MMT and 99% will answer that to the best of their knowledge, none have adopted it yet.