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The Ground Zero Mosque Organization: a Twitter Interview

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  1. As usual those promoting the NY mosque as an outreach/educational center are in direct conflict with their own rhetoric. There is nothing remotely suggesting that they are interested in education, unless they are referring to a madrasa. The only outreach happening is the mosque being shoved in the face of America.
    Despite the protests, and the pain this is causing, they are choosing to proceed. Though the Governor offered an alternative, which in my opinion is appeasement, they remain committed to the site.
    How can this be interpreted in any other way. It is designed to commemorate their “victory” over the infidels, the American people. Sadly, I believe it will further incite terrorist attacks. As once it is built it will become another ‘holy islamic site.” Any injustice they perceive, at that site, will demand, according to the Koran” a fatwah or jihad.
    Just ask the Israeli’s if there is any doubt to how permanent a mosque becomes once it is built.

  2. Great conversation. Truth and honest questions on one side. Dodge ball and blatant miss-direction on the other end. These assholes need to take it all back to Mecca and shove it. I am sick of the hypocrisy of islam. < islam spelled in lowercase is not a typo, it is a sign of my lack of earned respect for this CULT or MILITIA. It hardly fits the scope of a loving religion. It also should not qualify for protection under the United States Constitution. Here is my favorite islam tweet.

    @NotaLemming islam is NOT A RELIGION. It is a violent global militia and deserves NO CONSTITUTIONAL protection as a religion.

    Now, if you do not mind….. I have a pork BBQ sandwich to finish eating. Would you be so kind as to pass the bacon bits for my salad please, and oh yes ill take another cold draft of BEER!.