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Obama says his father served in WWII???

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  1. As a WW2 vet and VFW member (they check you out), I’d have to see Stanley Ann’s dad’s discharge papers. I served with some communist GIs stateside, but none wanted to go (nor, indeed, went) overseas. One “liberal” GI told me the only reason he joined was that “we were on the USSR’s side.”

    It’s easy to say but hard to prove you served in the ETO. The USAF (USAAC in ’42-43) lost many records in a St Louis fire (to sprinklers, not flames). I have discharge papers but, at my age (87), I’d have trouble finding guys I served with — especially, to understate, those who were killed.

    As to Obama’s birth certificate and the mystery of why he waited so long to release it: Late in WW2 the Germans tried to corrupt UK money by forcing forgers in concentration camps to duplicate millions of British five-pound notes; the counterfeits (each worth $25 US) were undetectable and could have wreaked havoc with UK financials (on that score, Brits sheepishly admitted that VE-Day came just in time).

    Obama Democrats have access to many counterfeiters — the Federal Reserve note-printers, for openers. Forging a birth certificate (using typewriters, ink and paper of that early 60’s era) would have been child’s play. If you doubt me, google Dan Rather’s friend’s hurriedly executed forgeries involving George W Bush’s Texas guard service.

    See, time’s the problem. Germany waited too long and Rather had deadlines to meet. Obama has had two-plus years to prepare one phony document — okay, if phony it is.

    So the birth certificate may be legitimate, but the man has told so many lies that telling another about his birthplace could not have further soiled an already soiled reputation. Many people, like myself, have begun to question everything Obama says, because everything he says sounds like Soros.

  2. This is from Snopes: http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/service.asp

    It gives a very logical explanation of the very obvious mis-statement.

    And it was covered by the press quite well at the time: http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/05/27/obamas-staff-corrects-wwii-story/

    As Daniel Patrick Monyihan said “people are entitled to their own opinion, but they are not entitled to their own facts.”

    • Sorry, but people don’t just “slip up” on those kinds of things. I’m Catholic and never ONCE in my life, have I even come close to slipping up and said, “my Muslim faith”, ” my Jewish faith”, or ” my Episcopal faith”. That’s like slipping up and referring to yourself as a male, when you’re a female. Sorry, that just doesn’t happen. And Obama has slipped on on his age, if his parents were or were not married when he was born, his so called “religious denomination, that his dad fought in WW ll, when his dad was only 5 years old when WW ll started, and on and on and on. How stupid are people? Apparently, about half the US is really, REALLY stupid.