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Obama and Religion

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  1. Elizabeth Imbasciati

    If he is not practicing Taqiyya and was born Muslim (& that is not in contention), why aren’t they targeting him with death for leaving the Muslim faith? Your saying tht O is saying he is Christian cause he believes the Back Liberation Theology teachings but those teachings are not those of Christianity? I was taught unless you receive Jesus Christ as God’s Son & your savior you are not a Christian. So in effect he is lying when he saying he is Christian whether or not he is practicing Taqiyya.

    • Taqiyya Is the Shia practice of furthering Islam by lying, or outright hiding your membership. Yet he doesn’t act as if he is hiding this faith, but lives counter to it. The problem is people have to see his apology for appeasement, and not a statement of faith. He believes Muslims are oppressed by, as Rev Wright puts it, “Dem Jews”, and “Rich White People” and he, since he believes by his BLT faith, must liberate them for “Collective Salvation.”

      The point is that he is not a Muslim. That the Christianity which was created by James Cone, which Obama follows, isn’t real Christianity but a distortion and perversion.

      • Elizabeth Imbasciati

        Listened to as much as I could stomach of James Cone who is definitely a racist. I got impression he created a new theology himself mixing Christianity with his beliefs. So he thinks he is God? If Black Supremacy is OK and White Supremacy is not isn’t that saying it is okay to be black and a racist but not white and a racist? Guess I am too uneducated and to stupid to get this.

        • Actually you got it perfectly. It’s a way of selling Marxism in religiouss form. How does Marxism suceed? First you need an enemy. Those evil white people will do. They are oppressors and oppress everyone. They arent holy and will never go to Heaven. They killed Jesus. And so on… You have to make them give up everything to take care of the oppressed.

          In this theological view, Communism is holy and your ticket to Heaven. Generally Communism is godless and abolishes religion , therefor Cone created this racist religion of Communism. No individual will go to heaven, we all have to be “Collectively saved”

          Youll find more of Obama speaking in favor of this faith than any clips that claim him a Muslim.

          • Elizabeth Imbasciati

            As always you are clear, concise and to the point. I still (cause I am Irish and Polish and a Scorpio) am holding on to the idea he is a Muslim who is lying about his faith. I believe he is trying to destroy America to further his and his father’s and both O’s friends and his friends Marxist beliefs. They got the Kenyan so called Constitution passed. Wasn’t that one of his father’s goals when he was alive? Also since I am Christian, guess I don’t want him professing to be of MY faith while touting partial birth abortion, socialist policies, the killing of those by nontreatment whom he feels can’t give back to society anymore even after they may have spent their entire lives doing so etc. Question: what happens when he reaches that stage in his life? We all grow old.

          • The Kenyan Constitution was one of his father’s Marxist goals yes.
            I guess we must agree to disagree, but you can clearly see he is not Muslim because he does not live as a Muslim nor obey Sharia Law.

            That his “Christianity” isn’t very Christian but Marxism with a Religious face is a fact and obvious.

            As for when he reaches that age, he will be exempt of course, and so will be the elites of his his choice.

  2. Elizabeth Imbasciati

    Very interesting posting of entire interview w/Fal Sani but I found many devious O statements. O is not being truthful in my opionion. Interview actually solidifies my belief that he is a Muslim practicing Taqiyya; a lie spoken in the greater interest of Islam. Dances around what Jesus means to him. Never says he is Son of God; calls him “historical figure” & “a wonderful teacher.” This is not Christianity. I thank you for this article as it contained information I had not previously known. Your incomparable ability to seek out facts and present them in an entertaining and informative way is without equal. Looking forward to many more articles from you.

    • He’s not a Muslim. Only problem is that the vision of Jesus and Christianity isn’t Christian, it’s Black Liberation Theology. Listen to the Cone explanation. 20 years in Rev Wright’s Church of BLT and racism, he’s not Muslim. It’s not taqiyya, he’s not lying. As you can see from the interview the vision of Christianity he has been given isnt very Christian.

      More evidence if necessary: He drinks alcohol, he stands for gay rights, and he’s not fasting for Ramadan. He’s not Muslim, that’s just another conspiracy theory gone mainstream, and the truth is bad enough.