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Freedoms and Liberties: Under Constant Attack

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  1. car ac repair san antonio says:

    You must take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I will recommend this web site!

  2. Bonnie chapman says:

    One word for this Article: EXCELLENT. Written with sincere desire to lay it all out what is Agenda of
    this Regime. This writer is gifted with the ability to research diligently to speak the Truth and nothing
    but the Truth. A Patriot in every since above all. This is a MUST READ for every American.
    Thank you John Smith.

  3. abusedtaxpayer says:

    If the surveilance of disposables ever comes to be, they are in for a surprise at least at my house. Unless they will accept 1 time per month for a few recyclables – oh baby! I am almost never home (unless tweeting) eat out (restaurants and friends) take forever to use up most anything I purchase (cause its just me) and do not keep anything in fridge but beer and wine. Beer bottles get returned to store for deposit, wine bottle recycled once in 3 mos maybe. I will be laughin my ass off when they check my “garbage” to see if I have any recyclables in it cause its all kitty litter! Ha Ha Oh, I also have a private pick up service-not the city. Give the idiot who thought this up an early retirement to the insane asylum. Just loving the use of our tax dollars!

  4. abusedtaxpayer says:

    Oh boy. Just when you thought it was safe to turn off your tv and nest back in to your former “couch potato” spot, along comes John! His insightful, well-researched and well-presented commentary regarding current events and background information is exceptional.,,,as well as terrifying since it is real. Events past, present and future need to be presented, passed around and discussed by people who want to save our Republic. Vote Nov. 2010 and 2012.

  5. […] into current events and their encroachment upon our individual rights.  From John’s “Freedoms& Liberties: Under Constant Attack” Ladies and gentlemen, liberty is under attack – an attack that the Obama […]