Blogger Insults Gun Owners – He Acted ‘Stupidly’

By | August 10, 2010

A poor attempt at satire was posted over at New West Community Blogs. The author attempts to paint gun owners as unintelligent, angry hicks that have guns simply because it feels good. to why somebody would need a semi-automatic assault rifle, like the AR-15, or maybe a sleek Uzi. My answer to that question is, are you effin’ shitting me? Because it FEELS good, you moron! Listen, a lot of us gun owners ain’t got a whole lot going for us, but when we go out to the quarry and blast the shit out of a dirt pile with enough lead to make our own personal Yucca Mountain, well, there just ain’t a feeling like that in the world. Hell, just thinking about it puts a lump in my shorts.

After taking some heat in comments to his post, he tried to explain his actions as a quest for knowledge.

I’ve attempted in the past to engage gun enthusiasts in a conversation. It usually goes something like this: Me: “Why do you feel it’s important to own a handgun or assault rifle?” Them: “Because it’s my Second Amendment right.”

That’s not a reason, and it doesn’t answer a very direct question: What motivates you (as a human, not an NRA member) to own handguns and assault rifles, devices that are expressly designed to kill humans as efficiently as possible?

Well, of course, I had to give him hell about it.

An unfortunate piece at best.

When those gun owners answered your question about gun ownership with, “because it’s my Second Amendment right.” they gave you a valid answer based on an understanding of the Constitution.

Those you were debating didn’t feel the need to craft an insulting, belittling overly-verbose response, they kept it simple – they did so based on the assumption that you understood the reason the founders put that right into the Constitution.

They gave you credit where perhaps none was due. Since I have observed your lack of understanding of their simple statement of reason, I will expound upon their most-correct answer.

To fully understand one’s right to bear arms, it should be measured alongside the Declaration of Independence. This would help the reader gauge the true meaning of a militia, the concern the founders had for tyrannical rule, and for what the 2nd amendment was intended.

Simply put, the second amendment, located in the bill of rights, is intended to insure that we may not lose the other rights afforded to us by either invasion, crime or tyranny.
Those who choose to invoke that right and even gave you a concise reason as to why they do so are not dense, silly people such as the main character in your satire. They are Americans and yes, they own guns because “they can” – it’s their right.

Some would posit that it is also their responsibility. Criticizing someone for their answer, solely because you failed to understand its meaning is self-critical.

So head over to the post and feel free to comment.

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