What’s Happening With Los Zetas in Laredo

By | July 24, 2010

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20 thoughts on “What’s Happening With Los Zetas in Laredo

  1. Johnny ropes

    My friends, a whole lot of Republican friends from up north are making our Southern Border like a war zone with Mexico, ABSOLUTELY Not true. Our Borde Guard are doing their Job, we have a few immitators at least in Laredo, but their time is short we put them all away, and a bunch of them are starting to count up to 30 years before they see freedom.

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    1. Anonymous

      I know SomeOne That Was Held Captive Yesterday and Was Held Captive Since 7:00pm And Let Out This Morning But The FBI Is Working on it.

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  4. TexasFred

    Jeff Schwilk, Dan *Digger* Amato, Kimberly Dvorak and the guy at The Cypress News that keeps standing behind these moonbats with his *wait and see* might have all gotten certain body parts hung in the wringer or slammed in the door…

    I can’t fathom WHY someone would want to FAKE a story like this, not a serious blogger or journalist anyway, other than to promote there 15 minutes of fame or to deliberately undermine the AZ SB1070 movement that is currently under review.

    The Cypress Times and the above named *so-called* journalists have done a disservice to ALL bloggers and now look just like the little boy that cried WOLF!!

  5. AnnieOakley

    I’m beginning to wonder if the current spate of “rumors” and the Wikileaks document dump is the precursor to Cass Sunstein’s calling for more control over the Internet- this just seems too coincidental- a new executive order coming to a computer near you, perhaps?

    1. Rich Mitchell

      One of many possibilities and a good feel for why a few of us were urging patience, forethought, and investigation until the truth could be unearthed.

      Action without verification would do irreparable harm to the Conservative movement.

      Do not give them ammo, they already have the gun and are just waiting for us to load it, aim it and pull the trigger for them.

  6. TexasFred

    I would certainly WHY someone thought that posting a HOAX like this was a good idea…

    The Conservative blogs and forums that picked it up and ran with it, without any REAL verification, did more to hurt the RIGHT than can be measured at this time…

    That may have been the plan all along…

    1. TexasFred

      Should read: I would certainly like to know WHY…

      Too many thoughts in the works I guess…

  7. Dana

    The articles were not solely based on the comment of Jeff Schwilk. There were credible people with contacts inside Law Enforcement who established the story was confirmed.
    To bring up the mudslinging between Jeff and Jim does not add to your story.

    Currently, it is speculation on the part of all sides.

    1. TexasFred

      I would LOVE to see some citation to the LEO confirmed part of this story… From somewhere other than the Examiner or The Cypress News…

    2. Rich Mitchell

      I traced every lead I could find in Ms. Dvorak’s story, the one on Digger, and everything else I could find. At no time has there been a named source. With absolutely no one demonstrating that they had any basis for the stories (pictures, first-hand accounts, named sources, etc), the story lost its credibility. Jeff Schwik was the only thing in the story that seemed like it was real, so I did some digging. Imagine if Jeff didn’t have all that baggage and was posting first hand pics or videos from his sources.. that would have given it credibility. Instead, all I found was a history that even the original Minuteman project wanted to distance itself from.

      It’s all about credibility and Kimberly Dvorak and Jeff lost some here. If they turn out to be right, they’ll get that credibility back and then some, but I wouldn’t bet the farm (or ranch) on anonymous law enforcement sources.

      1. Dana

        It is not just about Dvorak & Schwilk – although neither has been stand up enough to elaborate on the current status of this. There have been others who have been in contact with LEO – but it is not my place to speak for them. Right now – I am more of a bystander observing and occasionally commenting.
        I do not want to encourage conspiracy theories either – I just want to see accuracy and facts.
        Which right now I am not seeing – not from this site or any site for that matter. Lack of comment/information does not mean the event did or did not occur.
        *IF* the LEOs/BP encountered a situation as described over the past few days – they would stand good reason to NOT want media, et al involved and potentially could be a bit peeved at leaks.
        Either way – the fact that many are willing to believe this story, is scary. It indicates a complete lack of faith in LEOs/BP and this Administration in general.

        1. Rich Mitchell

          I think many of us would love to see facts. That was the point of the article. I went looking for facts and instead found none. I went looking at the sources.. again, no substance and some real credibility issues. I shared what I learned in an effort to keep good Conservatives from being sucked into a liberal’s wet dream – Conservatives ranting about an invasion that never happened.

          I appreciate and understand your criticism, but if I helped prevent any over-reaction by my fellow Conservatives – I’ll take the heat for it. What I posted wasn’t irresponsible, as was Dvorak’s piece, it just wasn’t what you were looking for.

          Thanks again for your comment.

    3. Rev. PM Corn

      I tell you Dana. Being on the ground here in Laredo and Nuevo Laredo, having a good friend that owns a large trucking company within a 1/4 mile of this location and reporting nothing out of the ordinary and personally knowing LE personnel on both sides of the border, and seeing absolutely nothing out of the ordinary first hand, seems to take the speculation out of the equation.

      1. Mitchell Rich

        You rock Rev. May I quote you? If so, I’d love to interview you. IM, phone, cell, email, you name it.

        I will return the favor. I know we don’t always agree.

        1. Rev. PM Corn

          Sure, why not Mitchell. Shoot me an email at [email protected] if you like and we’ll talk.

          Have to be online for now as this morning, I’m in Monterrey for a few days

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  9. Rev. PM Corn

    I am the author of the post you linked back to and you have my thanks for doing so.

    You and I are apparently on the same page. I am a little “left” of your position and you slightly “right:” of mine.

    This malicious attack came from the right wing extremists mentioned in my post, people with no credibility who like many on the extreme sides of the immigration debate, are making loads of money over the issue and it is to their benefit not to let the cash cow run dry.

    What was done here goes beyond despicable. This report has the so called “militias” fired up and ready to attack Mexico and you know where that would lead.

    People need to understand that what the media is reporting and what is actually happening down here are as different as night and day. This is not the lawless wild west that they would have you believe.

    It’s really no different from the Mafia wars in the first half of the 20th Century are the cocaine wars in Miami in the 70’s. Only a different time and different methods.

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