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0 thoughts on “Securing Our Southern Border

  1. Cannoneer No. 4

    CA, AZ, NM & TX Army National Guard cannot be mobilized and maintained in any significant strength on the border without Federal cooperation and funding. Besides, the Border Patrol Union doesn’t want non-union meddlers breaking their rice bowl.

    The California State Military Reserve, New Mexico State Defense Force, and Texas State Guard could be mobilized and mustered into State active duty, at State expense, with all the economic disruption that goes with requiring employed, productive tax payers to leave their private sector jobs to become paid agents of the State.

    Amateurs study tactics. Professionals study logistics. The logistics required for effective defense of the Mexican-U.S. frontier will never be provided unless the people currently in power can be removed and replaced by people who honestly believe that America really is under attack and truly deserves to be defended.

    1. John Smith

      I am aware, and mention the states do not have the funds. I also mention using Law Enforcement and volunteer forces with Law Enforcement to conduct Security Sweeps through known High Traffic areas, something Sheriff Joe Apaio has been doing. My state solution is obviously not the end all, but a temporary solution till we indeed vote out those in power that are allowing this situation to continue for political gain.