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Redistribution of Wealth Through Taxation

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  1. Would you honestly argue that it’s right for a CEO to be paid $11 million a year while an average worker makes $41k? No, the CEO shouldn’t make $41k, but you certainly can’t argue that he’s really worth more in one year than the average worker would make over many lifetimes.

    I hate taxes every bit as much as the strictest conservative, but the bottom line is that this needs to be put in check somewhere. If it can’t be before the paycheck, then it has to be after.

  2. This article “Redistribution of Wealth Through Taxation” reveals much more than the title implies. The article reveals President.Obama’s plan to destroy the United States of America by taking from the wealthiest to ‘spread the wealth’ amoung the rest – making everyone on equal par. Equal par being “America is finally brought down to size”, a very small size! President Obama and his cast of Liberal characters hate America’s Regal standing in the world. They also hate America’s support of Israel! Destroy America, destroy Israel.
    Another timely article, keep them coming!! I love how you make us think! Scarey times, exciting times . . .

  3. Wouldn’t you just love to grab that skinny finger, break it off and stick it up Reid’s.. Uh… Nose?? 😈