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0 thoughts on “Blame Capitalism?

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  2. Rushgurl

    I am not wealthy, nor are many of my friends. But, we do know who keeps us earning. In all the checks I’ve received in my life, luckily, none were issued by this nor any administration.
    I am not referring to those legitimately on the payroll, the military, VA, contractors etc.
    The people able to REALLY create jobs are my family, neighbors, friends, coworkers etc. We are in the middle class,or the wealthy. We are the ones who keep fellow Americans working, electricians, plumbers, mechanics, retailers and all the other people who DO keep the world turning.
    For those who want to demonize “the rich”, make sure you know the monetary definition, for it’s not as much as some think. Then, take a look at your paycheck. You won’t see Barry’s name, Pelosi’s nor Reid’s. Oh, and when you do take a look at that check, be sure to see how much is going to the government. Put that number in your memory, because come January 2011, you’ll wish it was that number again.
    Once again, thank you for the article, saying so eloquently what I cannot!

  3. TexasFred

    It’s easy to understand, you just have to apply libber logic, and yeah, I know, it’s an oxymoron…

    Libber Logic:
    Capitalism Bad
    Socialism Good
    The Obamessiah says so…

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