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7 thoughts on “Obama Takes Sides: Hugo Chavez Over England

  1. Michael

    Wow. This is bullshit. One, the UK and US need to stop their imperialist assault on Latin America, and Latin America should nationalize its oil to create wealth for the people. This article is such bullshit, I feel dumber just reading it.

  2. Rushgurl

    Oddly familiar sounding. The muslims want to assert ownership of many areas that have no historical ties to them, or they have lost centuries ago in battle. God help the British if they build a mosque there.

  3. rachelcapriles

    los viejos convenios no pueden ser oviados por leyes nuevas. palabra de caballeros siempre han sido respetadas. rachel capriles.

  4. rachel capriles

    los viejos convenios no pueden ser oviados por leyes nuevas, asimismo creemos que hay que respetar más que nunca lo convenido. . palabra de caballeros siempre han tenido aceptación y confiabilidad más allá de las leyes. rachel capriles.

    1. John Smith

      @ Ruben Rivero Capriles
      I respect your opinion even though I disagree. The UK has always maintained the Falkland Islands. They were originally occupied by little more than British shepherds tending ther flocks in peace. It was the naked agression and bloody invasion of Argentina that prompted Margaret Thatcher to defend them in the first place. It is Chavez that seeks an Empire, through Socialist weaklings like Argentina.
      !Socialismo Significa Muerte!

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