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4 thoughts on “Ethanol: What They Aren’t Telling You

  1. doug

    You are absolutely right. Ethanol is only presented as a green fuel source by a few wealthy and powerful corporate entities, similar to the push for natural gas right now. Our tax $$ are used right now to subsidize this expensive, dirty, and inefficient product, and these subsidies to industrial agriculture should be ended today.

  2. justmeint

    Imagine a world where there is no reliance on dirty fuel! Imagine a world where energy is affordable and clean. Imagine a world where a disaster like the Deepwater Horizon Gulf Gusher will never happen again – guaranteed! There are many things we can imagine….

    I leave it to your own imagination.

    What can you do right now?

    You can learn as much as you can about these new innovations and technologies. You can start asking pertinent questions of your governments and authorities. You can find out why this information has been withheld from you personally, and the world as a whole. You can push for openness and transparency, and see to it that starting immediately – research takes place to develop these sources of future energy supplies.

    1. 4TimesAYear

      @justmeint – Maybe you should start asking what our forests would look like if we hadn’t turned to oil and coal. You seem to have totally ignored the part of the article that showed how ethanol plants produce more pollution than coal and natural gas plants do? Ah, but that would be an inconvenient truth….

      1. Stop Obama 2012 Post author

        I mention that ethanol plants overpollute and are not “green.” Obviously, I am against ethanol and I explain why.

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