Tea Party: Serious or Just Pissed Off?

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  • On your points:
    1.Increase Medicare and Social Security eligibility ages to 70
    Partially Agree. ONLY for S/S.
    2.Drop the unemployment benefit to something reasonable.. say nine months for now and reduce to six months next year
    Disagree.Extended UI should have some relationship to the cuirrent unimployment rate. As the rate goes higher it automatically keys small extensions in weeks of benefits. Set a base level of unemployment %, say 5%, and for each 1% it increases add 13 weeks of benefits to the maximum allowed. That makes sense, because as things improve the max returns to a lesser amount of weeks.
    3.Repeal the health care reform act.. that thing is an atrocity of spending with no benefit
    Agreed, but get government out of the “benefits” business entirely in the long haul. In the short run, repeal this madness and corrct what is wrong with the current system. ONLY.
    4.Enforce pay-go (I call it pay-fo, but you get the point)
    Agreed, essentially make deficit spending illegal.
    5.Reduction in the pay and benefits for all federal employees (the rest of us took pay cuts, lost jobs.. they can too)
    Agreed. Also reset public pay scales of government to match the average of their counterparts in private industry.