Auto Insurance Reform on the Horizon

By | April 18, 2010

Many in the politcal arena would compare compuslive heath care coverage to that of required automobile insurance.  So let’s do that.

Health Care Insurance Reform is in the books.  No one is quite sure what they will get or what it will cost, but it does seem that most feel that something like it should be done.

Why not for automobile insurance?  We should require that everyone buy the insurance (whether they have a car or not), we should certainly require that regardless of their previous driving history (pre-existing conditions) that insurance companies should cover them (and their 26 year old children).

Certainly we should continue to cover them regardless of how bad their driving record gets.

These may seem like ludicrous comparisons, but, are they?  Why would we turn someone down because of some unfortunate accidents but protect their coverage due to unfortunate health conditions?  Neither are controllable?  Both will require that others bare their burden.

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