Health Care Reform Passes 219-212 Without Consent of the Governed

By | March 22, 2010

Sunday evening, the House of Representatives passed the Senate version of health care reform.  The vote was 219 for and 212 against with not a single Republican voting for it.  Every Republican voted against it, and a large group of Democrats also opposed the legislation.  The American citizenry made it clear that this legislation was not popular nor desired in its current form.  Congress wasn’t listening.

Obama had to sell his soul to get this vote to go his way.  He issued an executive order that prohibits any public spending on abortions.  Of course, executive orders do not carry the force of law and can be changed on a whim without oversight or the consideration of Congress.

Pelosi is being given high praises as if she orchestrated this victory for the left, when it is apparent that Rahm is the leader of the charge for this occasion.

Insurance companies will now be required to cover those with pre-existing conditions at a restrictive relative premium to healthy folks.  Since the restriction is relative, insurance companies will have no choice but to raise everyone else’s rates to help cover the expense of covering expensive procedures for high-risk patients.  Taxes will be placed on medical equipment and pharmaceuticals- Costs will be passed onto insurance companies (who must pay them) and therefor passed onto insurance customers through higher premiums.  Congratulations, this bill will not lower your premiums.. not by a long shot.

The politics around the bills have been dishonest, on both sides.  The death panels were silly and gave liberals talking points where they had none.  This entitlement will be no more deficit reducing than Medicare and Social Security.  We can’t afford those two programs and we won’t be able to afford yet another one.

Everyone should look at their insurance premiums and the national debt late this year, right before they vote for their Representatives and Senators.  Did the deficit go down?  Did premiums go down?  (Both promised effects of this bill) Once the answer to both is no, grow a pair and vote your conscience.

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2 thoughts on “Health Care Reform Passes 219-212 Without Consent of the Governed

  1. tower200

    The thing I’m questioning about the Government plan is this component about pre-existing conditions… Is there any stuff in this bill about wether or not there is a limitation on what insurance companies can impose if you have a pre-existing condition?

    1. R. Mitchell

      Yes, for children, the pre-existing condition provision of the health care law go into effect in late September of this year. For adults, you get to wait until 2014.

      The provision prevents insurance companies from denying coverage to anyone with a pre-existing condition.

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